The purpose of the Nebraska Agricultural Issues Forum Career Development Event is for a team of students to present a current issue to a public audience by developing a written portfolio that includes research and an understanding of an issue relevant to the local community and then preparing an oral presentation that examines both sides of an issue. Professional ethics and standards are emphasized in this event.

Portfolio Submission

Submit your team's Ag Issues CDE Portfolio via the following form no later than March 8, 2023.  Submissions after that date will not be accepted. Only portfolios submitted through the form below will be accepted.  You will receive an emailed receipt. If there are multiple portfolios submitted for the same team, the later of the submissions will be graded. Teams must also be registered for the Ag Issues CDE via the CDE registration system by March 15th, else the team will be disqualified.

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Becky Haddad
ALEC Assistant Professor

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Past Topics
2022 Seward What impact does ethanol production have on local and state communities?
2022 McCool Junction Is solar farming a good decision for our community?
2022 Battle Creek The Battle Creek Dam Proposal
2022 Boone Central Wind Energy:  Is it a viable source of energy for the future?
2021 Centura Property Taxes:  Are they harmful to Nebraska farmers and ranchers?
2021 O'Neill Mandatory Country of Orgin Labeling Law:  A Saving Grace for American Ranchers? Or, the Demise of Intrenational Trade?
2021 Pierce What is Causing Blue-Green Algae Blooms in Willow Creek Reservoir?
2021 Rock County This Land is Your Land. This Land is My Land. Should Eminent Domain be Used for Private Gain?
2020 Chase County Imperial Nebraska It's Not for Everyone, Is Property Tax Relief?
2020 Ogallala Unpack the Issues at Lake Mac
2020 Pender Meat or Meatless - Can we "Meat" in the Middle?
2020 Stanton What's Up with Wind Power?
2019 Kearney Nebraska Beef - What's for lunch?
2019 Pender Wind Energy - Are you a fan?
2019 Oakland-Craig Agriculture Sustainability
2019 Rock County Is CRISPR Technology Editing Agriculture Positively?
2019 Lawrence-Nelson Can Family Farms Survive the Next Generation of Corporations?
2018 Sutherland Is International Trade Beneficial or Harmful to Americans
2018 SEM Should Farmers be Conscientious of the Effects Their Production Practices have on the Environment?
2018 Rock County Lab Grown Beef:  Should it Replace Modern Beef Production?
2018 Auburn Veterinary Feed Directives:  Should the FDA have Implemented this New Program?

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