Ag Issues Forum


The purpose of the agricultural issues forum is for a team of students to present a current issue to a public audience by developing a written portfolio that includes research and an understanding of an issue relevant to the local community and then preparing an oral presentation that examines both sides of an issue. Professional ethics and standards are emphasized in this event.

Portfolios must be submitted as a single PDF attached to an email sent to  by March 13.


Richard Douglass
110 N Vermont
Cortland, NE 68331

Download Handbook & Rules

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Presentation Schedule - Order of Presentations Posted by Random Drawing
School ReportSet-up TimePresentation Time
 Sutherland 4:30 PM Room A 5 PM
SEM 5 PM Room B 5:30 PM
The Career Academy  5:30 PM Room A 6 PM
Auburn 6 PM Room B 6:30 PM
Rock County 6:30 PM Room A 7 PM
7 PM Room B 7:30 PM
7:30 PM Room A 8 PM

Past Topics
2017 Wallace Ag Yay or Neigh?
2017 Sandy Creek Should There be Water Allocations in the Little Blue NRD Water District?
2017 The Career Academy Big Ag Business is it good or bad for your town and Nebraska?
2017 Sutherland The R-Powerline Good or Bad for the People of the Sandhills?
2017 Rock County Neonicotinoids:  Should They "Bee" Banned for Agricultural Use?
2016 The Career Academy Wind Turbines, Good or Bad for Lancaster County, NE?
2016 Sandy Creek Tasty Treat or Unhealthy Meat?
2015 Ashland-Greenwood Is Generation Y Capable of Taking Over the Family Farm?
2015 Rock County Is There a Future for Young Agriculturists in Rural Nebraska?
2015 Stanton Is Eminent Domain Fair for All of Fair for Some?
2015 Schuyler GMO's, Good or Bad?