Environmental & Natural Resources


The purpose of the Nebraska Career Development Event, Environmental and Natural Resources, is to provide individuals with basic knowledge and skills necessary to take advantage of wildlife, ecosystems, soil, water and waste management career opportunities.

The Nebraska Environmental and Natural Resources CDE is a simplified version of the national event.

It includes 3 elements:

  • Individual multiple choice test focusing on invasive and native species, habitat management, food webs and ecosystem properties, soil, water and waste management.
  • Individual Nebraska species identification test using a collection of tracks, pelts, scat, photos and other identifying factors.
  • Team activity on data interpretation and decision making related to the year’s theme.

Agricultural Education courses that may align to the Environmental and Natural Resources CDE includes:

  • Introduction to Agriculture
  • Food and Natural Resources
  • Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Natural Resources and Ecology
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Management
  • Wildlife Management

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Dr. Andrew Little
Assistant Professor
Landscape Habitat Management, Extension Specialist

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