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Nebraska Career Development Event Registration

You must register for Nebraska Career Development Events using the online system. Please be sure to read all the instructions below so you successfully register your teams between March 7 - 15, 2024. Registration will close on March 15 at 5:00 p.m. (CDT).

Note: Registration for the Nebraska FFA Convention is separate from CDE registration.  

Nebraska CDE Registration and Instructions

  1. After logging in (log-in information is below), verify the information is correct in “Step #1 – My Information,” including the teacher information. Update the list of students located in the “My Students” button to be sure it includes all students who will participate in CDEs. Use the “Add Student” button in the top-right to add additional students. Please do NOT delete students from this list unless they no longer attend your school.
  2. Choose “Step #2 – Event Registration” and scroll down to see the list of Career Development Events. Choose an event and drag students to fill the participant and alternate spots.   NOTE: East Campus parking passes must be ordered through the FFA portion of registration this year during Phase I (March 7 - March 15 @ 5PM CT).
  3. Choose "Step # 3" Summary” to view what you've registered.  NOTES: You may register at any point before March 15 at 5:00 CT, and may modify your registration (add/delete) during that timeframe.  You do NOT check-out to complete your registration.  Whatever is in the system at the end of the registration period is your official registration.

Registration Notes and Tips

  • District NAEA Chairpersons will identify district-qualified teams. You will not be able to register your qualified teams until they are identified by the district chairperson. If you think that you should be able to register a team but it is not listed, please contact your District NAEA Chairperson, as they are the only person who can mark which teams have qualified.
  • Only registered alternates will be allowed to substitute the day of the event.  Be sure to fill your alternate spots!
  • CDE events with multiple sections are assigned to you based on your district. Check the CDE Schedule to see when and where your school will participate.

Invoice Information

  • CDE Invoices will be generated and emailed to teachers after registration closes.
  • The cost is $9.00/participant, alternates are free.  Additionaly team fees are included to cover material expenses for Ag Technology and Mechanics ($45), Floriculture ($60).  An additional team fee is added to Livestock Evaluation - Senior Division teams ($25) to cover pizza and water for lunch.
  • DO NOT SEND PAYMENT BEFORE RECEIVING THE EMAILED INVOICE! A copy of the invoice should be included with the check.
  • Changes can be made until the registration deadline. After that, no refunds will be issued.
  • Payment must be postmarked by May 15 to avoid late fees.

Log-In Information

  • Your username is your firstname.lastname (ex. john.smith).
  • If you do not remember your password or are a new teacher, enter your username and click the "Forgot your password?" link and a temporary password will be instantly emailed to you. If you do not receive your password within two minutes, email or call the CDE Student Coordinators (see below).

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Need Help or Have Other Registration Questions?

Contact the CDE Student Coordinators at (402-913-0460) with questions!

Resolving a Scheduling Conflict with a CDE

At times, students participating in CDEs may have a scheduling conflict with another event. Please answer the following questions to see if your CDE team may be able to "swap" sections to resolve the scheduling conflict. All "swaps" must be made and communicated to the CDE office by Tuesday, March 19 at 5:00 p.m. CDT using the process below.

Does the scheduling conflict involve a CDE?

  1. If yes, click here to see if the CDE offers multiple time slots/sections based on District numbers.  
  2. If yes, would swapping with a school from a different time slot/section/District solve the issue?
  3. If yes, see which schools have been identified from that other section:
    1. Click here to see schools in qualifying CDEs. (Schools are added to this list by district chairs before March 7th.)
    2. Check here to see schools already registered in non-qualifying CDEs.  (Schools are added to this list during registration, which concludes on March 15th.)
  4. Contact the teacher with whom you would like to swap to see if they would agree with the change.
    TIP: To easily do so from the links above, click the "Email District XX Participants" button and then click the "Copy Contact List" button and paste the email addresses into a new email. You may copy multiple districts' email addresses after pasting them into an email. (Alternatively, you may click here to access the teacher directory and manually access the email addresses.)
  5. If a teacher says “yes” to swapping with you, email the CDE Student Coordinators at and copy in the swapping teacher so that all parties can confirm the change. (It is NOT necessary to contact the CDE superintendent.)
  6. NOTE: Ag Issues Forum, Marketing Plan, Ag Sales, and Ag Communications are scheduled events. The order of schools within the posted event timeframe will be communicated after registration closes (links available on the CDE Schedule). If needed, work with other schools and the specific event superintendent to request a different report time.

If you receive a “no” to any of the questions above, see if you can adjust the other event with which you have the conflict. If that is not possible, you will likely have to coach your student(s) through a potentially difficult decision as they decide which event they will give up and in which event they will participate.

Does the scheduling conflict involve something other than a CDE?

If so, please contact Donnie Wolters with FFA at