The purpose is to create interest and promote welding by providing opportunities for recognition through demonstration of skills and proficiencies.


Mark Hawkins
8800 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68520
402- 437- 2694

Dan Zabel
8800 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68520
402- 437- 2692

Event Information


Weilding participants will meet  in rooms V103 and V104 for registration. The rooms are located by the SCC Registration near the east entrance. 

The welding event will consist of the following divisions:

  1. Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  2. Oxygen Acetylene Welding
  3. Gas Metal Arc Welding

Each division will involve a 30 minute written test and a 30 minute skill test. A 10 minute orientation for each division will also be included, for a total of 70 minutes per event division. Safety will be a big part of the event and will be emphasized at all times.

General Rules:

  1. No tennis or sport shoes- high top leather boots are required - students with tennis shoes or sport type shoes will not be allowed to participate in any part of the welding event. See protective foot wear under safety rules.
  2. Safety glasses have to be worn at all times while in the welding lab - this includes under the welding helmet. Contestants that do not wear safety glasses will not be able to participate in the lab part of the welding event.
  3. No cell phones during event.
  4. Students who do not have all their own required welding and safety equipment will not be allowed to register or participate in any part of the welding event.

I. SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING (stick) - 70 minutes

  1. Orientation: 10 minutes
  2. Written Examination: 30 minutes

Percent of total score: 40%
Questions: 50
Types of questions: True & False and/or Multiple Choice Questions
Question areas:

  1. Safety, Equipment
  2. Set Up, and Electrodes
  3. Welding Power Sources
  4. Procedures
  5. Terms and Definitions (see sample questions)

3. Welding Skills: 30 minutes

Percent of total score: 60%
Weld joints:  Butt, Lap, T joint, Inside Corner Joint Weld types: Square Groove and Fillet Welds Weld positions: Flat, Horizontal, Vertical Down, Vertical Up Material thickness: 3/16"- ¼"
Base metal type: Mild Steel
Electrodes: Diameters = 3/32" or 1/8", E6010, E6011, E6013, E7014, or E7018
Power Source: Combination AC- DC


  1. Orientation: 10 minutes
  2. Written Examination: 30 minutes

Percent total score: 40%
Number Of questions: 50
Types of questions: True and False and/or Multiple Choice questions
Test question areas: Safety, Equipment, Set Up, Terms And Definitions, Flames, Gases, Welding
Procedures: (see sample questions)

3. Welding Skills 30 minutes

Percent of total score: 60%
Weld joints: Butt, Lap, T Joints, Inside Corner Joints
Weld types: Square Groove and Fillet Welds
Weld positions: Flat, Horizontal, and Vertical Up
Material thickness: 3/32"- 1/8"
Material Type: - Mild Steel
Filler metal: Mild Steel - 3/32", Diameter- RG- 45 and Braze Welding Rod - 3/32" Diameter


  1. Orientation: 10 Minutes
  2. Written examination: 30 Minutes

Number Of questions: 50
Percent of total score: 40%
Type of questions: True and False and Multiple Choice questions
Test Question Areas: Safety, Set Up, Shielding Gases, Power Sources, Filler Metals, Terms and Definitions (see sample questions)

3. Welding Skills: 30 Minutes

Percent of total score: 60%
Weld Positions: Flat, Horizontal, and Vertical (down)
Weld joints: Butt, Lap, Inside Corner, and T Joints
Weld types: Groove & Fillet Welds
Material thickness: 1/8'' to ¼''
Base Metal Type: Mild Steel
Shielding gas type: C25

  1. Individual contestant and team scored will be determined by tabulating examination and skill activity using 40% for written and 60% for welding skills.
  2. A team score will be determined by adding the individual scores of each of the three welding divisions (Shielded Metal Arc, Oxygen Acetylene, and Gas Metal Arc Welding).
  3. The Welding Event is divided into three Sections and will rotate each year. Consult the CDE schedule to determine the current year's rotation.
  4. The event will be conducted at Southeast Community College Lincoln Campus. The skill activity portion of the event will be conducted in the Welding Lab (K- 1) and the examination will be conducted in nearby classrooms.

State Rules and Format:

  1. Plaques will be presented to the top three- (3) teams, and medals will be awarded to the top three (3) individuals in each area.
  2. Ribbons will be presented to contestants having scores ranked in the top of each division. Approximately 60 individual ribbons and 20 teams ribbons will be awarded.

Required Supplies

Students without their own required supplies will not be able to participate in the event.

1. Industrial quality eye protection (SAFETY GLASSES) - ANSI approved - Z- 87
2. Welding jacket- leather or fire retardant cloth
3. LEATHER BOOTS- no tennis shoes or athletic shoes
4. Welding gloves and pliers
5. Chipping hammer and wire brush for Shielded Metal Arc Welding.
6. Goggles with a #5 lens shade for O/A (that will fit over safety glasses)




  • Stick.....
  • OA......
  • MIG......

Individual Scores: each division will have winners (x3)
Team Score:  sum of individual scores


Contestant with the highest welding skill score.

Reference/Study Information  

Instructional Videos by Dan Zabel at Southeast Community College:

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The Lincoln Electric Company
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Phone: 216- 481- 8100

The Educational Instructor's Package, by Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.
Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.
1635 W. Spencer St.
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AWS A3.0 (Terms and Definitions) and AWS A2.4 (Symbols), American Welding Society.
American Welding Society
550 N.W. LeJeune Road
Miami, Florida 33126
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Example Test/Event Items:

Sample Questions