The Nebraska Welding Career Development Event is designed to promote and create an interest in welding by providing opportunities for recognition through evaluation of the contestants' manipulative skills and general knowledge. These skills and knowledge correlate to the students preparation for employment in the broad field of welding, including agricultural and industrial welding.

AFNR courses that may align to Welding include:

  • Power
  • Structure and Technical Systems
  • Metals and Fabrication
  • Basic Welding
  • Advance Welding
  • Agriculture Mechanics

Welding Setup Videos:  MIG 1, MIG 2, SMAW, O/A, TIG

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Room change for the Welding CDE: Check-in at the cafeteria for registration check-in and orientation. Contestants and teachers can enter through the north side doors. Parking in the north lot will be the easiest access; 15-passenger vans and other smaller vehicles can park in this lot at all times. Full-size buses that wish to remain on campus will need to drop the students off in the North lot and then park in rock covered lot on the west side of the north paved lot. 


Mark Hawkins
8800 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68520
402- 437- 2694

Danny McCullock

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Interested in careers in Welding? Visit the sites below to find out more about degrees, opportunities and careers related to this area.