The purpose is to create interest and promote understanding in agronomy by providing opportunities for recognition through the demonstration of skills and proficiencies.


  1. To demonstrate basic knowledge of agronomic sciences.
  2. To determine the ability to identify agronomic: Crops, Weeds, Seeds, Insects, Diseases, Plant Nutrient Deficiencies, Plant Disorders, Soil Management, and Equipment.
  3. To evaluate a scenario and develop a crop management plan including crop selection, production and marketing.

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Don Lee
Plant Breeding and Genetics

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Supporting Curriculum:

In an effort to help teachers prepare their students for competition, we have begun developing curriculum that aligns with Career Development Events that utilizes content presentation and learning activities that also supports the Nebraska State AFNR Standards. The goal is that this curriculum can be seamlessly integrated into classrooms without directly teaching contests.

This short crop scouting unit will allow your students to learn about crop scouting as a career and focuses on how to identify common crop pests and diseases. Through teaching this unit, students will be able to identify and describe crop production problems and describe management methods for crop production problems. The curriculum is sorted by crop (corn, soybeans, and wheat). Each section contains a powerpoint, note sheet, and an activity. You can add or delete crop pests and diseases as needed to fit your local curriculum.

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