The purpose of the Nebraska Marketing Plan Career Development Event is to assist students with developing practical skills in the marketing process through the development and presentation of a marketing plan. Students research and present a marketing plan for an agricultural product, supply or service for a local business, an existing or start-up enterprise. School-based enterprises cannot be used for the CDE. Though only three individuals are on a team, any number of students may assist with the marketing plan. For the event, a three-person team will submit the written plan and present the marketing plan involving the local community that provides a reasonable and logical solution to a marketing problem.

Agriculture Education courses that align with the Marketing Plan CDE include:

  • Ag Sales & Marketing
  • Ag Businesses
  • Ag Communications
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economics & Agribusiness Management
  • Leadership & Ethics in Agriculture

Marketing Plan Submission

Submit your team's Marketing Plan via the following form.  The draft version is due no later than February 16. Final Marketing Plans must be resubmitted no later than March 20, 2024. Submissions after these dates will not be accepted.  Only plans submitted through this form will be accepted.  You will receive an emailed receipt for each plan. If there are multiple plans are submitted, the later of the submissions will be graded. Teams must also be registered for the Marketing Plan CDE via the CDE registration system by March 15, 2024, else the team will be disqualified.

Click to submit Draft and Final Marketing Plans.  (Google Log-In Required)

Click here to view the Marketing Plan schedule.

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Rosalee Swartz
Director/Program Recruitment

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