Marketing Plan


The marketing plan event is designed to assist students with developing practical skills in the marketing process through the development and presentation of a marketing plan. Students research and present a marketing plan for an agricultural product, supply or service. It is intended as a competitive activity involving a team of three persons working for an actual local agri-business, either an existing or start-up enterprise, to support FFA's outreach mission.

Local chapters may involve the entire chapter, a specific agriculture class or a three-person team in the development of the plan. A three-person team will present the results of primary research involving the local community that provides a reasonable and logical solution to a marketing problem. Understanding of the marketing process is manifested in the marketing plan, which is presented in a written plan and in a live presentation to qualified judges. Though only three individuals are on a team, any number of students may assist with the primary and secondary research.


1. To encourage students to demonstrate an understanding of the marketing plan process.

2. To provide an activity to focus student and community attention on the agri-marketing curriculum.

3. To encourage students to explore and prepare for possible careers in agri-marketing.

4. To help develop partnerships and improve relations between industry, local FFA chapters and the general public.


Rosalee Swartz
204 B Filley Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0908

Event Information

Important Scheduling Information:

The marketing plan event will be held on Wednesday with the first team checking in at 4:30 p.m. and presenting at 5:00 p.m. Presentations will be scheduled every 30 minutes. Depending on the number of teams, check-in and presentation times may be earlier. Advisors will be notified by March 31, 2018.

Presentation times will be scheduled every 30 minutes beginning at 5 p.m.

4:30 PM- First team reports to Filley Hall, Room 206
5:00  PM- First team presents in Filley Hall, Room 210

Subsequent teams are expected to report 30 minutes before presentation time. A schedule of presentation and associated reporting times will be sent to FFA advisors on March 31, 2018.

2018 Team Schedule--TBA

State Rules and Format:

2018 Nebraska State FFA Marketing Plan CDE Guidelines

Submission Deadlines:

The following timeline has been established for submission of Marketing Plan DRAFTS (for those who want early input on their plan) and FINAL Marketing Plans.

March 2- Marketing Plan DRAFTS Due
March 16- Marketing Plan DRAFTS Returned
March 30- FINAL Written Plans Due
March 31- Presentation times emailed to FFA advisors

Teams can mail or email the Marketing Plan DRAFTS and FINAL Marketing Plans. If mailed, please include four (4) copies. If emailed, please send in both Word or Rich Text Format and pdf format, so we can ensure that the copy will be printed as intended for the judges' use. Mail or email drafts and final plans to:

Rosalee Swartz
Department of Agricultural Economics
204 B Filley Hall
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68583-0922


Equipment Provided in the Presentation Room

  1. LCD projector
  2. Screen
  3. Two easels
  4. Table
  5. Three chairs

Required Supplies

Students are to bring any additional materials needed for the presentation.


Scoring Rubric:

The written plan and presentation scoring rubrics used for the marketing plan event (same as used for the National FFA Marketing Plan CDE) are below.

Marketing Plan Scoring Rubrics

Scoring Summary:


Written plan..........100 points
Live presentation...200 points

Team Score:  written plan + live presentation


Ties will be broken based on the greatest number of low ranks. Team low ranks will be counted and the team with the greatest number of low ranks will be declared the winner. If a tie still exists, then the event superintendent will rank the teams' response to questions. The team with the lowest rank from the response to questions will be declared the winner. If a tie still exists. then the team's raw scores will be totaled. The team with the greatest total of raw points will be declared the winner.


Awards will be presented to teams based upon their rankings at the awards ceremony. Bronze, silver, and gold places will be awarded.

References/Study Information

2017 Nebraska State FFA Marketing Plan CDE Guidelines

The National FFA website provides several resources for preparing a marketing plan, including an extensive guide and videos from last year's final round of the Marketing Plan CDE.

In addition, starting with the 2017 Nebraska State FFA Marketing Plan CDE, the top three winning marketing plans will be posted on the Nebraska FFA website as a resource for chapter marketing plan development.