Nursery & Landscape is a discipline of horticulture concerned with the growing and maintaining landscape plants and related products, the use of equipment, and landscape design concepts.

The Nursery & Landscape CDE tests students’ skills and knowledge in:

  • Plant, pests, and equipment identification
  • Problem solving landscape calculations
  • General plant knowledge and integrated pest management knowledge
  • Landscape design

The Nebraska Nursery & Landscape Career Development Event is designed to create an interest in careers within the Nursery and Landscape Industries through instruction and hands on technical skill development delivered through the agriculture education curriculum.

The following examples should help clarify expectations for the nursery-landscape team event for 2018. The primary reference for the CDE is the Extension publication 4H6115 `Grow a Beautiful Space’.

  • We will be using a series of images of landscapes and base plans that match the images.
  • The teams will use the combination of the images and base plans to identify which of the design principles is demonstrated. Each feature to be identified will be given a letter or a number to be matched to the corresponding phrase, statement, element, plant or location. For example, ‘A’ on an image or plan might be matched with ‘order or unity.’
  • The teams will then use a plant list (to be provided) to classify plants on the images and base plans according to their major ‘type,’ such as evergreen, deciduous, trees, etc.
  • The teams will then identify the more detailed contributions of the plants used in the design: size, form, color, texture, etc. For example, forsythia might be identified and described as a medium-sized, vase-shaped, early spring yellow-flowered deciduous shrub.
  • Teams will then decide the function of the plant: This forsythia has been used as a screen, or as a focal point.
  • Teams will choose the appropriate structures, materials, amenities, tools, etc. using a series of images. For example, three images of structures of different sizes and designs might be displayed, and the team will be asked to select the one that would work best in the given landscape.
  • Teams will identify plan types (landscape planting plan, grading plan, elevation, etc.) They will also identify plan graphics symbols such as evergreen or deciduous tree, pavement, or landscape beds.

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Kim Todd
KEIM 167
Lincoln, NE 68583-0915

Terri James
KEIM 172
Lincoln, NE 68583-0915

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