Nursery / Landscape is a discipline of horticulture focused on landscape design concepts; identifying, growing and managing landscape plants; and understanding and using hardscape materials and related products.

The Nursery / Landscape industry encompasses the following career opportunities:

  • Production and management of nursery crops, including woody and herbaceous plants and turf grass
  • Landscape design, from client contact through site assessment to installation for private, commercial, and public sites
  • Landscape management, encompassing all aspects of landscape plants, beneficial insects and insect pests and diseases, and equipment use
  • Education, research and technology fields used in plant and landscape systems

The Nebraska Nursery / Landscape Career Development Event is designed to create an interest in careers in the Nursery and Landscape industries through education and hands-on technical skills development. Areas of study and education that may align with the Nursery / Landscape CDE include:

  • Horticulture
  • Landscape Design and Management
  • Landscape Greenlhouse and Nursery Management
  • Turfgrass Management
  • Plant Science
  • Plant Biology

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Kim Todd
Associate Professor, Extension Horticulture Specialist
Licensed Landscape Architect

Terri James
Associate Extension Educator

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