Undergraduate Leadership Option

Undergraduate Leadership Option

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The Agricultural Education Leadership Option is multidisciplinary, designed to develop students for training and leadership positions in organizations and agencies involved in the agriculture industry. The 120-hour curriculum focuses on the development of communication skills, teaching strategies, and leadership capabilities within various contexts in preparation for community roles.

Dr. Gina Matkin

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Dr. Gina Matkin
Hear from students in ALEC's Leadership program option.
Quick Points
College: College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Degree Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education
Hours Required 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA 2.0 for graduation
Minor Available Yes

What You'll Learn

Graduates of agricultural leadership, education and communication – Leadership Option will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of leadership theories, models, and behaviors to solve problems in agricultural and environmental sciences fields and beyond.
  • Develop competence to apply leadership skills at the individual, team and organizational/community levels.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate leadership issues in complex and global environments.
  • Develop a level of self-awareness as well as the cognitive and emotional ability to effectively work with and develop people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Develop and implement a personal plan for transfer of knowledge, skills, and behaviors gained to career/professional life via a guided capstone internship.

Career Outcomes

  • Extension Educator
  • Human Resources
  • Adult Leadership Training and Development
  • Youth and Team Development Coordinator
  • Non-Profit Work
  • Entrepreneur