Academic Programs

Filey Hall on UNL East Campus where ALEC offices and classes for academic programs are located

Explore Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication undergraduate majors and graduate degree programs. Learn more about ALEC's academic programs by visiting a program's website and viewing the "course catalog". The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources course catalog provides additional information on college admission requirements, academic programs, policies and degree requirements. Contact us for help selecting a degree program that matches your interests and goals.

Undergraduate Majors/Options
Program Description Option Course Catalog
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Major The Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication degree program prepares students for careers in communications, advocacy and public service roles in the agricultural, natural resources and environmental disciplines.
  • Strategic Communications Option
  • Communicating Public Issues Option
  • CANSR Minor or Certificate Program Option
Course Catalog
Agricultural Education Major The Agricultural Education Major degree program in agricultural education is designed to prepare students with the necessary communication and interpersonal skills, leadership training, and knowledge of technical agriculture to be a teacher of agricultural education at the secondary or postsecondary level, or accept employment in agribusiness leading to positions in training and/or development. Course Catalog
Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management Major The Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management degree program integrates leadership, communications and financial management into a curriculum focused on managing facilities and operations that provide hospitality services to the public. N/A Course Catalog
Undergraduate Minors
Minor Course Catalog
Leadership and Communication Minor Course Catalog
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication Minor Course Catalog
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Minor Course Catalog
Graduate Programs
Program Course Catalog
M.S. in Leadership Education Course Catalog
Ph.D in in Human Sciences with a specialization in Leadership Studies Course Catalog