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ALEC Professor has made the faculty spotlight!

Dr. McElravy teaching in the classroom

Dr. L.J. McElravy, ALEC Assistant Professor of Youth Civic Leadership, talks to IANR News about what drew him to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and how he loves the collaborative environment within education. Dr. McElravy draws upon his service in the U.S. Army and how that experience helps him today.

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ALEC Alumni, Rachel Ibach, makes the Graduate Student Spotlight

Rachel Ibach

Master's of Applied Science student and ALEC alumni, Rachel Ibach, talks about why she came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and how it's diversity and inclusive excellence played a role in her CASNR experience.

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Rural Civic Action Program

Creighton freshman Ag students brainstorming

Kaitlyn Hanvey, ALEC 422 student and an advisee of Ag-Ed Leadership's Dr. Lindsay Hastings, is completing a project in Creighton, NE. The partnership between the Rural Civic Action Program and UNL has Kaitlyn working with Debi Doerr’s freshman agriculture class at Creighton High School. Kaitlyn and the students are focusing on things they can do to spread positivity and pride in their community.

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'Follow the Water' documentary

Mike Forsberg and Pete Stegen canoe down the Platte River during filming of the "Follow the Water" documentary.
A documentary based in part on Nebraska’s Platte Basin Timelapse project that aired on NET Television. The “Follow the Water” documentary tells the story of the Platte River Basin as photographer Mike Forsberg, associate professor of practice in agricultural leadership, education and communication, and Pete Stegen journey for 55 days through the watershed by bike, backpack and canoe. Along the way, the duo meets with dedicated conservationists and explores what is at stake in the watershed.

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ALEC Graduate Assistant's Earn Awards for Teaching Excellence

From left Jamie Loizzo, Kate McCain, Tiffany Luethke

The Teaching Assistant Teaching Excellence Award recognizes students who are currently in graduate degree programs under the supervision of IANR faculty members involved with agricultural sciences and natural resources. Award recipients included ALEC graduate teaching assistants Tiffany Luethke and Kate McCain.

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