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Jared DeHaan in the IANR Student Spotlight

Jared Dehaan

Jared Dehaan, CASNR student in Sports Media with a double minor in Agriculture Communications and Agribusiness, talks about his experience at UNL and how his ALEC classes have had an impact on how he views diversity and inclusiveness. 

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NCTA graduate, Kayla Mues, makes Ag Ed and FFA a goal

Kayla Mues and Dr. Doug Smith

Kayla Mues is from Cambridge, Nebraska and comes from a long line of agriculturalists. In December, after three semesters at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, she graduated with an associate degree in agricultural education and transferred to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and the ALEC department for the next two years.

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University of Nebraska–Lincoln distributing $7,614,350 in federal stimulus funding to students impacted during COVID-19 pandemic

Glow Big Red

See how the CARES fund applies to our Huskers.

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CASNR Change Maker Scholarship Competition

CASNR Students

The CASNR Change-Maker Quick Pitch Competition asks current and prospective CASNR students to submit a two-minute video explaining an original, innovative way to address global issues such a food security, sustainability and water use. Two current CASNR students and eight incoming freshmen and transfer students will be awarded full-tuition scholarships for the 2020-21 academic year based on their submitted videos. Winning students will be matched with a mentor to help make their big idea a reality.

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Hannah Sunderman Defends Dissertation During a Global Pandemic

Hannah Sunderman

Hannah Sunderman, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Ph.D. student, will always remember March of 2020, as she successfully defended her dissertation, “The Development of Generativity Among College Student Leaders Who Mentor: A Growth Curve Analysis,” virtually via Zoom.

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Kelsey Swantek, a freshman ag education major brings a smile to a familiar face

Tammy De Leon

Admist UNL announcing it was canceling in-person classes on March 12 due to the COVID-19 virus Kelsey Swantek, a freshman ag education major in the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication department, brings a smile to a familiar face in the Massengale Residential Center.

Tammy De Leon, a custodian in Nebraska’s East Campus Massengale Residential Center, arrived at work on March 18 to a collective effort for a special surprise .

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AESC Student, Taryn Sehert, is in the IANR Student Spotlight

Taryn Sehnert

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication student, Taryn Sehnert, talks about her experience at UNL and how diversity and inclusive excellence played a role in her CASNR experience.

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Ethan Freese, ALEC Graduate Assistant, and the “Platte Basin Timelapse: Prairie Corridor" project

Students in the field for the Prairie Corridor project

Ethan Freese, master's of applied science student and an ALEC graduate research assistant, is one of the students that are working on the, "Prairie Corridor project". While Ethan participated in the prairie planting experiment, he also had a project of his own, funded by Nebraska Environmental Trust; Cabela’s Apprenticeship; or UCARE funds, the “Platte Basin Timelapse: Prairie Corridor,” by Ethan Freese, an applied science graduate student.

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Cadrien Livingston, agricultural and environmental sciences communication major is in the IANR Student Spotlight

Cadrien Livingston

Senior AESC student, Cadrien Livingston, talks about why she became a Husker and her experience at UNL.

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ALEC Student, Alex Stocker, is in the IANR News Spotlight

Agricultural Education Student Alex Stocker

Alex Stocker talks about his experience at UNL.

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