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Rural Fellowship program is growing and strengthening leadership skills

Student Fellows Jeanne Itetere (left), Brianna Gable (center) and Benjamin Niyodusenga worked in Pierce, Nebraska, as part of the 2021 Rural Fellowship program.

"Rural Prosperity Nebraska’s Rural Fellowship program recently finished its eighth year. Since 2013, students from around the globe have spent their summers living, working and serving in rural Nebraska communities. During their immersive internships, Student Fellows have strengthened towns’ websites, created hike-and-bike trails and initiated small-business development programs, among other community development projects." Nebraska Today | January 27, 2022

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ALEC senior, Miranda Hornung, and the 1st Annual Ag Ed Program Roadshow

UNL Students at the Ag Ed Roadshow

The idea for the 1st Annual Ag Ed Program Roadshow came from senior Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication student, Miranda Hornung. “Last year during COVID, there was a question floating around about how to create programming to provide more experiences for pre-service agricultural teachers in the Ag Education Teaching program (ALEC).

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Students Create Your Future with the Nebraska’s Rural Fellowship Program and earn $5000

Student Fellow Recruitment flyer

We are excited to continue the Rural Fellowship program during the summer of 2022!

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‘Most Challenging was Most Rewarding:’ Rural Fellow Details Summer Projects

Rural Fellows students in Lexington

Tori Pedersen, a senior in Agricultural Leadership at the University of Lincoln–Nebraska, spent her summer as a Rural Fellow in Lexington—a town literally 50 times smaller than her hometown of Omaha. And she couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

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Herb Thompson - ALEC Doctoral Oral Defense

dissertation defense logo

The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication presents Herb Thompson's  Doctoral Oral Defense on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 12 p.m. via Zoom (Zoom invite is below).

Dissertation Title:  "Making Sense of Inclusive Leadership in Public Higher Education:  An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis"

Zoom information:

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Brooke Wells - Master's Thesis Presentation

Brooke Wells

The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication presents Brooke Wells' Master's Thesis Presenation on Friday, July 23, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. in room 143 Filley Hall, UNL East Campus.

Thesis Title:  "A Quantitative Analysis of Transformative Experiences Which Have Led to Perceived Leader Identity Change"

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ALEC Department announces high school photography scholarship winner

Madison Kreifels

Lincoln, Neb. —Recent Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca graduate and incoming University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Madison Kreifels is the winner of the 2020-2021 Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Photography Competition. Kreifels will receive a scholarship to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources’ Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication. IANR News

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Rural Fellows embark on summer of community development

Rural Fellows student
Working in pairs or trios, 35 University of Nebraska–Lincoln students will take part in the Rural Fellowship program while living and working in 17 communities across the state this summer.

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Spotlight: Change Maker scholarship recipient, Emma Hoffschneider

Emma Hoffschneider

Meet CASNR Change Maker scholarship recipient, Emma Hoffschneider, a sophomore agricultural and environmental sciences communication and agricultural economics - public policy double major from Burwell, Nebraska. She is working to recycle used coffee grounds and create pellets to be used to fuel pellet grills. IANR News

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Brooke Talbott, Masters of Applied Science project: "Wild Edges"

Brooke Talbott

Brooke Talbott defends her Masters of Applied Science project: "Wild Edges", Monday, November 30 at 3 p.m. via Zoom.

Synopsis: Wild Edges is the culmination of three-years' worth of study and personal journey witnessing the restoration process of Marsh Wren Community Wetland, a saline wetland site located just north of Lincoln, Nebraska. Only about 4,000 acres of saline wetland habitat remain from the historic 20,000+ acres that covered much of the land where the city of Lincoln now exists.

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