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Agricultural education teachers participate in the Annual TAPS program

Courtesy of Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing

In summer 2021, a group of agricultural education teachers decided to see how well the farm management concepts they were teaching in their classes translated to real life. Nebraska Today | 9/23/2022

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AESC Student, Karlie Gerlach, in the IANR Student Spotlight

Student Karlie Gerlach

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

I decided to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln because of the agricultural opportunities it provides through CASNR and the small-town feel that East Campus holds.

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UNMC Students Participate in Rural Fellows Program

Eric Pulver leads a seminar on risk assessments for rural health initiatives at the Alliance Recreational Center.

Public health has long been a concern for rural America. In Nebraska, 34 counties have no hospitals within their borders, 14 of which don’t even have clinics. The 2019 floods and COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted where Nebraska struggles health-wise. However, this summer, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska­–Lincoln’s Rural Fellows program are teaming up to combat this issue.  

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IANR Student Spotlight: Taryn Miller, ALEC Major

Taryn Miller

Meet Taryn Miller, a sophomore agricultural education major (ALEC) from Amherst, Nebraska.

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IANR Student Spotlight: Meet Abigail Lutjelusche an agricultural education student from Columbus, Neb.

ALEC Student Abigail Lutjelusche

What about diversity and inclusion is important to you when you think about your CASNR experience?

"Diversity and inclusion are a huge part of education here in CASNR. When each of us goes off into our respective careers, we will be faced with unfamiliar situations and experiences. Preparing for that here puts us bounds ahead. On top of that, diversity and inclusion in CASNR allow me to be a better person and more appreciative of the entire world around me." Abigail Lutjelusche

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Tori Pedersen, senior ALEC major, wins the The Outstanding Builder Award

The Clifton Strengths Institute at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln recently recognized five students for their achievements. Those students are (from left) Tori Pedersen, Jordan Seitz, Erika Casarin, Sidney Therkelsen and Adam Folsom.

The Outstanding Coach Award honors student strengths coaches who exceed expectations in their work to advance strengths. The coaches mentor about 1,000 new students in Professional Enhancement I: Investing in Strengths, a required course for all first-year business students. The two winners were Tori Pedersen, senior agricultural leadership education major from Omaha, and Jordan Seitz, senior supply chain management major from Gregory, Michigan.

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Rural Fellows experience begins for 26 students

Helen Fagan (right), Rural Fellows coordinator, meets with student fellows Brianna Gable (left), Benjamin Niyodusenga (fourth from left) and Lillian Uwanjye (second from right); Susan Norris (second from left), director of Pierce County Economic Development; and Wanda Backus (third from right), owner of J’s Place. (Russell Shaffer/Rural Prosperity Nebraska)

Twenty-six students begin their 10-week internships in 16 Nebraska communities on May 24. They are the newest cohort of Rural Fellows, an experiential learning program organized through the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ Rural Prosperity Nebraska initiative.

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Meet ALEC Student, Madison Kreifels in the Student Spotlight

Madison Kreifels

Why did you decide to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

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Kreifels shares Nebraska U's plan to bolster ag education teacher retention

Matt Kreifels

Matt Kreifels, an associate professor of agricultural leadership, education and communications, appeared on RFD-TV on April 20 to talk about the university’s plans to bolster recruitment, support and retention of high school agriculture education instructors.

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New ALEC hires aim to boost Nebraska ag teacher preparation, support

(From left) Becky Haddad, Monty Larsen and Troy White

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication department on April 6 announced major steps to strengthen agricultural teacher training and support.

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Justine Yeo, ALEC graduate student, is 1 of 16 students to complete the Graduate Studies intensive teacher training!

Watch for announcements about this teaching training program or other upcoming teaching training opportunities in future newsletters.

Please join us in congratulating ALEC graduate student, Justine Yeo, and celebrate her commitment to teaching. Justine was 1 of the 16 graduate students that completed an intensive teaching training program last January. "These students attended daily teaching classes on topics such as diversity and student needs, active learning and other teaching methods, grading and assessment, asking and answering questions, classroom management, and building rapport.

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Support ALEC and GLOW ALL IN

AESC Students and Dr. Taylor Ruth

The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication has been educating extraordinary teachers, leaders, and communicators for over 100 years. We prepare students for successful careers in the agricultural industry, secondary agriscience instruction, extension education, environmental sciences communication, youth development, and more. We are committed to the continuous development of our faculty and staff.

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AESC student, Emily Eilers, is a CASNR Change Maker Scholarship Recipient

Emily Eilers

When asked to describe her big idea, Emily said, "My big idea is to increase ethnic diversity in production agriculture through highlighting minority producers via podcasting and social media. It does not matter how big your idea is, but if it can make a positive impact to even a small community, it is worth it. I did not think that I would win the challenge, but here I am working on my project, plus I got free tuition my first year of college." IANR News | February 10, 2022

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ALEC student, Abigail Lutjelusche, talks about 4 things you probably didn't know about Agriculture

Abigail Lutjelusche Ag Education Student

Agricutural Leadership, Education and Communication student, Abigail Lutjelusche, talks about how deep connection of family, the hours and work that goes into running a family farm, and the toll it can take on our farmers.

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Rural Fellowship program is growing and strengthening leadership skills

Student Fellows Jeanne Itetere (left), Brianna Gable (center) and Benjamin Niyodusenga worked in Pierce, Nebraska, as part of the 2021 Rural Fellowship program.

"Rural Prosperity Nebraska’s Rural Fellowship program recently finished its eighth year. Since 2013, students from around the globe have spent their summers living, working and serving in rural Nebraska communities. During their immersive internships, Student Fellows have strengthened towns’ websites, created hike-and-bike trails and initiated small-business development programs, among other community development projects." Nebraska Today | January 27, 2022

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The teacher shortage is real, large and growing, and worse than we thought

Student teacher, Carissa Cline and teacher, Annalisa Mosel

Our nation is experiencing a teacher shortage and Nebraska is not immune to this problem. It is greatly impacting our rural communities. 

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Senior AESC student, Rebel Sjeklocha, talks about her experience in CASNR

Rebel Sjeklocha

The senior agricultural and environmental sciences communication major, with minors in Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and, law and business, admits she planned on pursuing a degree in history or English until she stepped foot onto East Campus. IANR News | January 7, 2022

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Rural Fellowship program announces funding, scholarships

Rural Fellows students

Nebraska communities that participate in Rural Prosperity Nebraska’s 2022 Rural Fellows program will be eligible for financial support. In total, $100,000 will be available to communities that host students to work on projects as part of the Rural Fellows summer internship program.

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Matt Kreifels Receives the Dinsdale Family Faculty Award

Matt and Sarah Kreifels

Congratulations to Matt Kreifels, Associate Professor of Practice, in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication on receiving the Dinsdale Family Faculty Award at last week’s IANR Annual Awards Luncheon. Started in 1999, the Dinsdale Family Faculty Award recognizes a faculty member for outstanding teaching, research, and outreach in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

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Dr. Lindsay Hastings studies that effective leaders inspire hope in rural Nebraska

Dr. Lindsay Hastings

“The United States is poised to experience one of the largest leadership transfers in its history,” Hastings said. “This is coupled in rural communities with a sizable wealth transfer. Between now and 2060, $75 trillion will be transferred from older generations to the younger.”

These transfers, she said, will “disproportionately impact rural communities.”

This impact prompted Dr. Lindsay Hastings to ask, “How can we help rural communities navigate both wealth and leadership transfers?”

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