Ph.D. in Human Sciences with a Specialization in Leadership Studies

Application Deadline February 1

Accepting applications for the Fall Semester Only.

Graduate programs in the ALEC department include a specialization in Leadership Studies within the Human Sciences Doctoral program. The interdepartmental doctoral program in human sciences with a specialization in leadership studies is designed for individuals interested in leadership development theory or practice in a variety of academic and professional settings. It is ideal for current and future leaders in communities, government agencies, private sector organizations, and individuals aspiring to be leadership faculty in academic settings.

The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication faculty and graduate students are internationally recognized for teaching, research, and outreach. We strive to develop close student-faculty relationships based on strong mentoring experiences, valuable internships, and in-depth seminars. We encourage these relationships by offering interactive online and face-to-face classes.

The faculty encourages students to take classes from several departments campus-wide. Leadership studies is a specialization within the Human Sciences Doctoral program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Moreover, this program is one of the few doctoral-level leadership programs in the country. A Doctoral Specialization in Leadership Studies will benefit current and future leaders in communities, government agencies, and private sector organizations.

It is ideal for preparing individuals for:

  • Leadership Consulting
  • Organizational Change
  • Training and Organizational Development
  • Personnel and Human Resource Management
  • Leadership Faculty positions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Facilitation

In this Doctoral program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Design your own Doctoral program focusing on leadership that most appropriately meets your personal and career goals
  • Study with faculty with expertise in the wide range of disciplines and subjects that comprise leadership studies
  • Learn through symposiums, workshops, internships, assistantships, formal classes, directed studies, and research projects
  • Develop your skills in human behavior (interpersonal communication, group dynamics, organizational development, and diversity)
  • Apply foundations of leadership to organizational and interpersonal settings in business, agriculture, education, non-profit, and government
  • Develop assessment skills to diagnose the leadership needs and issues faced at the interpersonal, group, organizational and societal levels
  • Learn to lead change (visioning, planning, collaborating, and problem solving)
  • Develop a command of the leadership literature and models
  • Integrate what you learn into your own professional job responsibilities
  • Develop your research and writing skills to produce publishable, quality research

Leadership Studies is a dynamic Doctoral program that will equip you to excel in all aspects of leadership. If you are seeking to advance in your career or want to develop your leadership expertise to expand your career options, this program may be right for you.

Courses in the Leadership Studies Doctoral program:

Students will have considerable flexibility when they develop their programs of study with their Doctoral advisory committee to fit their learning needs. Once admitted to our graduate study, students will consult with their advisor to prepare a formal program of study. Specific courses will focus on a common body of knowledge that includes:

  • Instruction
  • Curriculum
  • Learning
  • Professional
  • Education

Students may select courses from several departments across the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, including Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication;  Communication Studies Community and Regional Planning Educational Administration Management Psychology , and  Sociology

Questions about the Ph.D. Program Contact:

Dr. L.J. McElravy
ALEC Assistant Professor
Graduate Chair & Leadership Coordinator
Graduate Studies Associate Dean for Professional Development

(402) 472-8058 or (402) 472-2855

Questions about the Application Process Contact:

Jennifer Greenlee
ALEC Graduate Support Staff
143 Filley Hall
P.O. Box 830947
Lincoln, NE 68583-0947
(402) 472-2807

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