ALEC Ph.D. Application Requirements

Application Deadline February 1

Accepting applications for the Fall Semester Only.

ALEC Required Application Materials:

  • GRE
  • Letter of application
  • Vitae
  • 3 Letters of recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Writing Sample

Explanation of materials required by ALEC

The GAMES system is where you will submit all required materials for ALEC.

  • GRE-Graduate Record Examination:  All ALEC graduate programs require the GRE exam. Once an application is created in GAMES, you can self-report test scores in the GAMES system. These scores will be marked as "Verified No". Once the Office of Graduate Studies receives GRE scores from ETS electronically, Graduate Studies will verify them. If there are any discrepancies in the scores, the self-reported information will be overwritten by the scores sent to Graduate Studies by ETS. At this point the sores will be marked at "Verified Yes", and the applicant will be locked out from making any changes to the test scores.

Note: Plan accordingly when scheduling your GRE testing date. Your GRE score will need to be self-reported and verified by Graduate Studies (institution code 6877) in time for the February 1 deadline. Your GRE score will need to be valid according to ETS policy (see their website on the GRE website . Our Graduate Program will only accept GRE scores that are validated by ETS and within the time frame presented on the ETS website.

  • Letter of Application:  In your letter of application, state your academic and professional goals--include your purpose, objectives, and research goals for graduate education, as well as a statement of how achieving your graduate degree will affect your career objectives. Please explain your interest in ALEC's Leadership Studies graduate program specifically and include a statement of your research interests in the area of Leadership Studies generally. Include the names of any departmental faculty members whose work you believe is a good fit with your interests. Be as specific as possible in your letter.

NOTE: This document is a vital part of the application and will give you an opportunity to provide compelling evidence regarding your goals and their fit with our program and faculty. Ultimately, this document will help the departmental admissions committee understand if our program can serve your academic and professional needs.

  • Vitae:  Your vitae should include a complete account of your academic and professional history along with your community activities, service, accomplishments, and awards. Preference will be given to individuals with two or more years of professional experience.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation:  Ask your references to discuss your goals and objectives related to ALEC's goals, their judgment of your academic ability to do graduate level work, and why they believe this is so.
  • Official Transcripts:  Academic transcripts are required from each college-level institution attended, listing courses completed and marks earned, as well as degrees conferred. Transcripts provided to Graduate Studies will be shared with your academic department if you're applying for a graduate certificate or degree program. See the Graduate Studies web site for information about transcripts and how to upload them.
  • Writing Sample: This is required of both the master's and doctoral applications. To help us better understand your writing skills, you will need to provide a sample of your original writing (written solely by you)--preferably academic writing. This could be (but is not limited to) one of the following: a published paper or conference submission, a paper written for a class in your Master's program, or an article written for a professional publication. Optimal samples will show your ability to use and cite outside sources.

Additional Information

Once an applicant is satisfied with his/her application, he/she must complete the process by finalizing and submitting the application. Once the student does this an email notification will be sent to the graduate secretary. The ALEC Graduate Committee will only consider application materials that are complete by February 1. All documents, transcripts, and GRE scores will need to be in the GAMES system and verified before your application will be considered for the review process. No exception will be given.
Application Status
An application can be in one of several pre-decision statuses:
  • Incomplete:  Applications are considered incomplete when the applicant has not submitted all of the required materials and/or all required materials (transcripts, GRE scores) have not been verified by either Graduate Studies or ALEC. Applicants can edit their application in this status. The ALEC Graduate Committee will only consider application materials that are complete by February 1. All documents, transcripts, and GRE scores will need to be in the GAMES system and verified before your application will be considered for the review process. No exception will be given.
  • Submitted:  Applicants are satisfied with their application materials and have submitted their application. In this status, the student may not make any changes to his/her application. The graduate secretary can make changes on behalf of the applicant or reset the application to an "Incomplete" status where then the student can make their own changes.
  • Under Review:  The application is being reviewed.
  • Reviewed:  The application has been reviewed and the graduate committee has completed the final evaluation. When the application has been reviewed, the graduate committee will conduct the final evaluation and make a decision regarding the applicant's admission into the ALEC program. Applicants will be notified by April 1. The graduate secretary will notify Graduate Studies via the GAMES system. ALEC will notify the applicant in the form of a letter via the US Postal Service. If you are sent an acceptance letter from ALEC, you need to sign it and return it by the date specified on the letter. This is necessary for you to be formally accepted into our program. If an applicant accepts the offer and upon receiving the offer letter, the graduate secretary will update their status in the GAMES system. If an applicant declines the offer, the graduate secretary will update the status in GAMES.
If you have any further questions about the application process, please contact Jennifer Greenlee, ALEC Graduate Secretary, at (402) 472-2807 or email her at

Questions Contact:

Jennifer Greenlee
ALEC Graduate Secretary
(402) 472-2807

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