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The Leadership and Entrepreneurship minor is designed for students across University boundaries with interests in both leadership and entrepreneurship.

Increasingly, students will be required to formulate and develop trans-disciplinary solutions as professionals in their respective fields. Students completing this minor will be better prepared to utilize such trans-disciplinary approaches in effective problem solving, business creation, and community building, all of which are underpinned by innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

The vision behind this minor is to build integrative approaches to connecting the various disciplines through the creation of leadership and entrepreneurial capacity.

Expected outcomes from a minor in Leadership and Entrepreneurship:

In the contexts of commerce and community:
  • students are able to apply knowledge and skills about leadership and entrepreneurship,
  • understand human aspects of organizational models,
  • navigate social systems in businesses and communities,
  • effectively negotiate consumer relations, business-to-business relations, and community relations,
  • better prepared to assume leadership roles in business and industry as well as in communities,
  • better prepared to be an effective and engaged citizen,
  • effectively negotiate political and regulatory landscapes using critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

The Leadership and Entrepreneurship minor will consist of satisfactory completion of at least 18 credit hours of formal coursework in leadership and entrepreneurship selected from the following categories:

Leadership Theory
(student will select 3 credit hours from the following):

ALEC 202:  Foundations of Leadership Theory and Practice
ALEC 302:  Effective Leadership in Organizations
ALEC 477:  Leadership and Motivation
ALEC 488:  Leadership, Power, and Influence
Application of Leadership Theory
(student will select 3 credit hours from the following):

ALEC 407:  Supervisory Leadership
ALEC 410:  Environmental Leadership
ALEC 466:  Leadership and Diversity
ALEC 422:  Facilitation and Project Planning
ALEC 433:  Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Groups and Teams
Entrepreneurship Foundation
(student will select 3 credit hours from the following):

EAEP 101:  Introduction Seminar on Opportunities in Entrepreneurship (1 cr) +
EAEP 288:  Agribusiness Entrepreneurship (2 cr), OR EAEP 121/ENTR 121:  Introduction to Entrepreneurial
Management Entrepreneurship Application
(student will select 3 credit hours from the following):

AECN/EAEP 275:  Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance
EAEP 488:  Business Management for Agribusiness Enterprises
EAEP 321/ENTR 321:  Identifying and Assessing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
ENTR 421/821:  Entrepreneurship and Venture Management
EAEP 225/AECN 225/MRKT 225:  Entrepreneurship in Food Products Marketing
Experiential Learning in Leadership and/or Entrepreneurship
(student will select 3 credit hours from the following):

ALEC 102:  Interpersonal Skills and Leadership (with 20-hour service learning project)
ALEC 165:  Pepsi Service Scholars
ALEC 153:  Chancellor’s Leadership Class
ALEC 337: Credit received for being a Teaching Assistant
AGRI 310: Travel Abroad Experience
ENTR 422A/822A:  Small Business Owner OR
ENTR 422/822:  Small Business Management
MNGT 423:  Small Business Growth and Development
ENTR 322:  Family Business Management
Internship in Leadership and/or Entrepreneurship
(student will select 3 credit hours from the following):

ALEC 496:  Field Experience EAEP 395 Career Experience
EAEP 395:  Career Experience

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