M.S. in Leadership Education

Application Deadline February 1

Accepting applications for the Fall Semester Only.

Candidates for the degree must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. The program welcomes applicants from a variety of disciplines and fields. The M.S. in Leadership Education may be earned in an area emphasis in Leadership Development or a Teaching and Extension Education Specialization. Programs are planned to meet individual student background experiences and desired graduate program goals. An ALEC Master's degree may be pursued in the areas described below.

Leadership Development Emphasis

The Leadership Development emphasis immerses students in the increasingly complex area of leadership. The program is designed to enhance prior education and experience to prepare for careers related to leadership, organization or community development. Leadership courses offered range from the foundations of leadership to applications for leadership development, leadering change, community leadership and leadership in cross-cultural settings.

Teaching and Extension Education Specialization

The Teaching and Extension Education specialization prepares students for careers in community college or university teaching, public school teaching, outreach programs and Cooperative Extension. The specialization is valuable to international students planning teaching careers, as well as for individuals providing educational services. Teaching and extension courses range from teaching strategies to program planning and use of technology in education. 

The degree may be earned by successfully completing a minimum of 30 credit hours (Option I) or 36 credit hours (Options II and III) beyond the bachelors degree.   

  • Option I includes a thesis, Credit Hours 30
  • Option II is non-thesis and requires a minor from another department, Credit Hours 36
  • Option III is a non-thesis, course based program, Credit Hours 36

Depending on your interests, the Master's program will give you the opportunity to:

  • Investigate the foundations and application in leadership, teaching and learning
  • Specialize in a specific area of leadership education
  • Use methods of research and scholarship to examine one topic closely (either in a thesis or special paper)
  • Build skills in your chosen area of leadership, teaching and extension
  • Apply knowledge gained in actual settings, such as education, agribusiness, non-profit, community and government organizations, and agencies
Questions about the M.S. Program Contact:

Dr. L.J. McElravy
ALEC Assistant Professor
Graduate Chair & Leadership Coordinator
Graduate Studies Associate Dean for Professional Development

(402) 472-8058 or (402) 472-2855

Questions about the Application Process Contact:

Jennifer Greenlee, ALEC Graduate Support Staff
(402) 472-2807

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