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An 18-hour minor in leadership and communication is available through the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication. Combining a leadership and communication minor with any degree strengthens students’ “employability” base by making them competent technical professionals who are also strong leaders and effective communicators.

Students earning a minor in leadership and communication will be able to:

  • Competently apply leadership knowledge and skills at the individual, team and organizational levels.
  • Develop a level of self-awareness as well as the cognitive and emotional ability to effectively work with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Develop leadership competencies to effectively communicate in a variety of contexts.
  • Develop and practice using critical thinking skills related to leadership and communication in order to effectively influence others.

The 18-hour minor is comprised of upper and lower division courses as follows:

Complete at least three courses from the following list 9

*ALEC 102 Interpersonal Skills for Leadership (3 cr)

ALEC 202 Foundations of Leadership Theory & Practice (3 cr)

ALEC 302 Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Organizations (3 cr)

ALEC 305 Presentation Strategies for Agricultural Audiences (3 cr)

The remaining courses are selected from the following list 9

**ALEC 337 Instructional Internship in Leadership Development (3 cr)

ALEC 388 Ethics in Agriculture & Natural Resources (AECN 388) (3 cr)

ALEC 407 Supervisory Leadership (3 cr)

ALEC 410 Environmental Leadership (NRES 413) (3 cr)

ALEC 414 Classic Figures in Leadership (3 cr)

ALEC 422 Facilitation & Project Planning

ALEC 433 Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Groups & Teams

ALEC 466 Leadership & Diversity in Organizations & Communities (3 cr)

ALEC 477 Leadership & Motivation (3 cr)

***AERO 331 Air Force Leadership Studies I (3 cr)

***AERO 332 Air Force Leadership Studies II (3 cr)

* ENGR 100 Interpersonal Skills for Engineering Leaders, ALEC 153 Chancellor’s Leadership Class, or ALEC 165 Pepsi Service Scholars can be used in place of ALEC 102. Not more than 3 credit hours of ALEC 102, ALEC 153, ALEC 165 or ENGR 100 can be applied to meet the minor requirements.

** For students who have been selected as teaching assistants.

*** May be substituted for Air Force ROTC students only.