ALEC Recruiter "develops students' potential"

"'Developing Human Potential' is a phrase that's close to my heart," Brooke Talbott, ALEC's new recruitment coordinator said. "To me, the phrase means helping break down any developmental boundaries someone may have set for themself. Oftentimes, we don't know the great things we are capable of doing or becoming until someone else helps us discover it for ourselves."

photo of Brooke TalbottTalbott coordinates recruitment efforts for ALEC and coordinates the World Food Prize Nebraska Youth Institute, a research writing and scholarship program for high school students. She has served as recruitment coordinator for ALEC since early 2015 and is an alumna of the Agricultural Education-Leadership degree program. Just like ALEC's tagline, "Developing Human Potential," Talbott develops students with her programs and demeanor.

"I enjoy challenging students to think outside of their comfort zone," Talbott said. "At the same time, I want to create an environment that feels safe for students to challenge themselves. If students leave a campus visit or one of my programs feeling like they've learned something about themselves and others, then I see that as a success and a great opportunity for that student to learn and grow."

Talbott works closely with other recruitment coordinators in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, ALEC graduate students and student ambassadors to plan recruitment events and host students on campus. Talbott visits with prospective students and their families to answer questions and create opportunities for families to connect with current ALEC students and faculty.

"I want to make sure prospective students know about the countless opportunities here in CASNR and ALEC," Talbott said. "From study abroad trips to the 500+ CASNR clubs and organizations, students gain unique experiences that will help develop them as young professionals."

Talbott enjoys her time with families and students. She likes to make people feel at home by offering tea in her office to prospective students and current students who enjoy visiting, sharing experiences and getting advice.

"I'm really a living testimony to what the faculty in ALEC can do for students who want to be involved in agriculture," Talbott said. "Being from Omaha, I hadn't had a lot of experience on a farm. The faculty and staff empowered me to push my boundaries and learn about something completely new to me."

Talbott graduated from Omaha Central High School in 2010.

"I believe the same kind of opportunity is available to any ALEC student in our degree or minor programs," Talbott said. "Faculty who truly care will challenge students to learn about something they never thought they would learn before, whether that is about agriculture, their area of study or themselves as a leader."

ALEC houses the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Communication, Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management and Agricultural Education with Teaching, Leadership and Skilled and Technical Sciences degree program options. ALEC's tagline, "Developing Human Potential," can be seen hanging on the wall near the entrance to ALEC's main office in 143 Filley Hall on UNL East Campus.

Talbott enjoys riding her bicycle, spending time outdoors and raising her backyard chickens in her spare time. She was involved in the Nebraska Human Resources Institute and UNL Outdoor Adventures when she was a student.

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