Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication Strategic Plan 2017-2022


We build sustainable human capacity through the land-grant mission.


We are a leader in providing innovative programs to develop extraordinary teachers, leaders, and communicators.

Mission Statement

We achieve our vision by:

  • Educating and preparing leaders, teachers, and communicators for successful careers.
  • Developing engaged and productive community members.
  • Providing innovative strategies that support excellence and best practices in teaching, research, and engagement.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with communities and industry.

Core Values


We foster a trusting and inclusive environment by honoring and respecting ourselves and others.


We function within a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


We build a collaborative culture within ALEC, the University of Nebraska, and our local and global partners.

Globally Minded:

We build an understanding and appreciation for the global nature of our work through the interconnectedness of people.


Long Term (>2 years)

  1. Broaden the ALEC Graduate Program to include leadership, education, and communication disciplines and faculty. 
  2. Enhance faculty engagement and research productivity. 
  3. Expand global engagement to influence teaching, research, and extension.
  4. Strategically collaborate within ALEC to expand our capacity for delivering quality undergraduate programs and enhancing the undergraduate student experience. 
  5. Broaden and enhance ALEC’s reputation/brand.

Short Term (<2 years)

  1.  Promote faculty/staff/student achievement using international/national/regional awards.
  2. Revise and update departmental structure, policy, and guidelines (committee structure, program areas, internal communications of policies, facilities, etc.).
  3. Strategically grow ALEC minors and course offerings.
  4. Increase graduate student research productivity through stronger scholarly alignment with ALEC faculty research interests.
  5. Increase collaboration and participation in externally funded research and engagement projects that integrate within and/or outside of ALEC program areas.
  6. Communicate and manage ALEC’s reputation for excellence through an innovative online presence (i.e. website consistent with UNL templates, social media presence, photos, e-mail signatures).
  7. Identify opportunities for ALEC undergraduate program integration to optimize teaching resources and to enhance the student experience.
  8. Promote faculty teaching excellence through professional development and innovation.

ALEC Strategic Plan 2017-2022 Publication

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