NHRI Current Mentors

Student Leadership Mentors
We believe an NHRI Leadership Mentoring investment relationship will be very valuable to your child, as well as to your family and community. Here are some testimonies of the value of NHRI from Parents, Leadership Mentor, and Leadership Mentees.

Parent: Kelli Wood, the parent of a Leadership Mentee in Teenage Project

In a letter of appreciation written last fall, Kelli shared:
"...I want you to know how much we appreciate the program and all it has done for our children...Jeff [her son] returns from their meetings energized and excited to share some of the things they have discussed..."
"Jeff Story's [Leadership Mentor] ability to connect with Jeff in a way that both challenges him and validates him as an individual has been a blessing. Thank you for identifying this match and for all that you do through NHRI."

Counselor: Kimberly Schumacher, Leadership Mentor in LDP at Lincoln High

On the impact of NHRI: "NHRI is easily the involvement that I am most thankful for in college. It has made me rethink the way I talk to people and get to know them. I ask better questions, keep a more open mind to people's value sets, and look for ways to reinvest in others what the wonderful people in NHRI have invested in me."

Leadership Mentor: Kyle Wroblewski, Leadership Mentor in Childs Project

On the impact of NHRI: "It has taught me the value of investing in another person and showed me that putting your time, energy, and efforts into another human being is such a rewarding experience."

Leadership Mentee: Bruce Claussen, Leadership Mentee in Lux/East Project

On NHRI's impact: "It has really taught how to build better relationships in my life, to see things from a different perspective and in all just to become a better person. Knowing that there are awesome people older than me that want to spend time with me is great, shows that they care and you can't find a better group of people than the Leadership Mentors in NHRI!"