NHRI Leadership Mentoring is a leadership development program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where outstanding college leaders are paired with outstanding young leaders in Lincoln Public Schools. NHRI's objective is to discover individuals with exceptional capacity to positively influence others and develop their leadership capacity through one-to-one investment relationships. The outcome hoped for is that these leaders direct their developed leadership toward reinvestment in others.

Nebraska Human Resources Research Foundation, Inc.
Mission Statement

  1. NHRRF Basic Assumptions:
    1. The greatest resources is the human resource
    2. Establishing positive relationships is the best way to develop this human resource
    3. Positive human relationships are maximized when one individual with considerable human relations capital invests in another individual
    4. Investment in human relationships nourishes positive leadership development
  1. The Mission of the Nebraska Human Resources Research Foundation:
    1. To Discover individuals with exceptional capacity to positively influence the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of others
    2. To Explore the dimensions of human leadership and ways in which this potential can be maximized
    3. To Develop leadership potential through one-to-one investment relationships
    4. To Direct developed leadership toward reinvestment in others
    5. To Document positive leadership development and to communicate this information