ALEC "Developing Human Potential"

Where did ALEC go?

The ALEC department has moved to 143 Filley Hall with the exception of the FFA Foundation. The FFA Foundation has remained housed on the third floor of Ag Hall. All ALEC faculty, lecturers, and graduate teaching assistants' emails, addresses, and telephone numbers remain the same. If you cannot find us, give us a call at 402-472-2807. ALEC faculty and staff in the AESC program will remain in the Ag Communications building.

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Graduate Degrees

Master of Science:
(1 Emphasis and 1 Specialization)

  • Emphasis--Leadership Development
  • Specialization--Teaching & Extension Education

Doctoral Specialization in Leadership Studies

Graduate work leading to a Ph.D. in Human Sciences with a specialization in Leadership Studies may be earned in this interdisciplinary program. The specialization is sponsored by the ALEC department. Leadership Studies is a specialization within the Human Sciences Doctoral program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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ALEC in Action
What sets ALEC's program apart?

What sets the ALEC program apart is that our focus is not just on creating corporate leaders but rather developing your interpersonal skills that prepare you to take on leadership roles in in your community, in agriculture and across the world.

Your story matters here.

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