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Explore the career opportunities available in agricultural leadership, education and communication focusing on agribusiness, industry training positions, secondary agriscience instruction, extension education, agricultural and environmental sciences communication, and international agricultural education.

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I see some students who are hesitant about whether or not they have what it takes to be a leader and who are just completely nervous. By the end of the year they are so seasoned, it is like a graduation watching them go off and experience the rest of their academic career with all the skills they learned." Carmen ZafftAssistant Professor of Practice in the ALEC Department
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High School Students Gain Global Perspectives

"There are many more professions that are directly or indirectly affected by agriculture than one might think," Brooke Talbott, ALEC Recruitment Coordinator said. "For example, someone could work in human rights, address inequality issues and bring about better career prosperity for minority groups who are struggling to find enough money to feed themselves and their families. These seemingly disparate issues are actually all connected."

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Platte Basin Timelapse

Platte Basin Timelapse

Two AESC faculty members, Michael Farrell and Michael Forsberg, are using the power of photography and storytelling to show the Platte River Basin in motion. The Platte Basin Timelapse project follows the Platte River Basin through the lenses of 40+ time-lapse camera systems placed along the 900 miles starting with the Platte River's headwaters, through the Continental Divide in the Colorado Rockies to the river's confluence with the Missouri River on Nebraska's eastern border.

Farrell is Special Projects Manager for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications in addition to his faculty appointment with AESC.

Forsberg is owner of Michael Forsberg Photography and is a National Geographic photographer in addition to his faculty appointment with AESC.

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