Congratulations on your child's selection as an NHRI Junior Counselor! This section is devoted to answering your questions about NHRI, and helping you understand how you can support your child's investment relationship with his or her NHRI Counselor.

Q: Why was my child selected as a Junior Counselor?
A: Your child was selected because he/she was identified as an outstanding leader among his/her class at school, with high leadership potential.

Q: Who will my child be meeting with each week?
A: Your child will be paired with an NHRI Counselor. The NHRI Counselor is an outstanding college leader at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and demonstrated a high capacity to positively influence others in his/her interview with NHRI. NHRI Counselors are some of the top leaders on UNL's campus, with a few examples here.

Q: How can I support my child's NHRI relationship?
A: There are many ways you can help to strengthen your child's NHRI relationship, listed here.

More questions about NHRI? Contact NHRI at 402-472-3477.