ALEC M.S. Application Requirements

Application Deadline February 1

The priority deadline is February 1; applications submitted after that date may be considered if space is available.

ALEC Required Application Materials:

  • GRE (required):  We only accept GRE scores that are valid for 5 years past the test date, per the GRE testing site. Click here to view more information about GRE testing scores.  GRE waivers are only granted in rare circumstances (e.g. GRE is not available in your country of residence). If you would like to request a waiver, please email your request to the ALEC graduate support staff, Jennifer Greenlee, at
  • Recommendation Letters (required) (min 3; max 5):  One recommendation letter should speak to your capacity to be a successful student (e.g. from a faculty member); one recommendation letter should speak to your professional capacity (e.g. from a supervisor), and one recommendation letter can speak to anything you believe makes you an ideal candidate for our program (e.g. commitment to diversity and inclusion, research capacity, teaching and training experience).
  • Resume/CV (required):  Your vitae should include a complete account of your academic and professional history along with your community activities, service, accomplishments, and awards.
  • Personal Statement (required): Review current ALEC faculty and their research areas. Within the application, please identify at least one (max 3) faculty member(s) in this department with whom you would like to work. Also, address faculty interest alignment in your Personal Statement.
    1. Describe 1 to 3 personal and professional goals or objectives, and how this degree will help you achieve them.
    2. Describe how your past experience (work, volunteer, research, etc.) provides you a context for studying in this field.
    3. Describe how your interests align with research, extension, and/or creative activity of each of the ALEC faculty you list in the Faculty section.
  • Essay (required):  As part of your application, the ALEC graduate committee values writing, as it is an important element of graduate education. Specifically, academic writing or using evidence-based knowledge within writing is necessary for success in our graduate programs. As such, our graduate committee wants to see the following:
    • strong organization and writing mechanics
    • depth and reflection
    • display a writing "flow" and/or a high quality writing style
    Please choose one of the following prompts to write a short essay (500 words maximum). Choose only one prompt for your essay. Please choose a statement that would reflect your area of study (e.g. if you want to focus primarily on leadership studies within your program, please make sure to choose a statement or include a leadership focus within your response).
    • Prompt 1: It is important to teach leadership.
    • Prompt 2: Evidence-based practices in leadership development are important.
    • Prompt 3: Leadership is more art than science.
    • Prompt 4: Leadership is more science than art.
    • Prompt 5: Communicating evidence-based practices is vital to modern society.
    • Prompt 6: Learning is central to teaching.
  • Writing Sample (optional): Please feel free to provide a writing sample that demonstrates your scholarly writing ability, for example a term paper, thesis, or published article.
  • ALEC Assistantship Interest (optional): The department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication (ALEC) has the privilege of providing graduate assistantships at the master’s and Ph.D. levels. ALEC graduate assistantships include a stipend, tuition remission, and partial health insurance. We review applications on a rolling basis, and to be eligible for an assistantship, you must be admitted to an ALEC graduate program (M.S. in Leadership Education or Ph.D. in Human Sciences with a Leadership Studies specialization). You can complete an assistantship application before being admitted to a graduate program (Click here to view more information).
If you have any further questions about the application process, please contact Jennifer Greenlee, ALEC Graduate Support Staff, at (402) 472-2807 or email her at

Jennifer Greenlee
ALEC Graduate Support Staff
(402) 472-2807