STS 2+2 Programs

STS 2+2 Programs

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The Skilled and Technical Sciences (STS) teaching option will allow you to teach with an Industrial Technology field endorsement in a Nebraska secondary school (grades 6-12).

Completion of the 60 credit-hour requirement in the Skilled and Technical Sciences 2 + 2 Teaching Option at UNL, along with the completion of an associate of science degree within a post-secondary institution with a 2 + 2 agreement, will allow you to complete a BS degree in agricultural education with an Industrial Technology endorsement from UNL.

The program is an agreement between the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) and community college systems in Nebraska. The 2+2 program enables a student to complete 60 semester hours at a community college and earn an associate of science degree that transfers to the University of Nebraska--Lincoln (UNL). Program student packets from UNL and participating community colleges are listed below. Click the buttons below to download the documents.

Central Community College  Metropolitan Community College

Mid Plains Community College  Southeast Community College

Northeast Community College

Course Equivalency List

Course equivalents have been identified between UNL and most Nebraska post-secondary institutions. Please go to the Transfer Course Equivalencies page to get a list of current course equivalents between NCTA or a community college and the University of Nebraska--Lincoln.

To check out our other transfer options, please see the "2+2 Transfer Programs" or the "1+2+1 Tranfers Programs" page.

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