Roger Terry


Dr. Roger Terry is a Professor and Program Coordinator of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication (AESC). He earned his Master's and Ph.D. in Soil Physics from Kansas State University. His B.S. degree is in Agronomy from Brigham Young University. From 1981 to 2011 he served as an administrator of Information Technology and Communication units at Kansas State University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was instrumental in distributing and implementing many new technologies in the Kansas Cooperative Extension Service.

He has been a member of several national committees and workgroups committed to the development of educational technologies.

He became a faculty member of the Agricultural, Leadership, Education and Communications (ALEC) Department in 2011 and became AESC program coordinator in 2013. He chairs the Undergraduate Curriculum committee and Scholarship committee in ALEC.

Dr. Terry has expertise in technology planning and the administration and development of information technology and communication support services. He has interests in educational technologies, social media strategies, collaboration/communication tools, ethics, agricultural literacy, training and course development.

Dr. Terry enjoys community involvement. He actively participates in the Boy Scouts of America and his church.