ALEC Graduate Course Rotation Cycle

ALEC Graduate Course Rotation 2021-2023
2021 2022 2023
Sp Sum Fall Sp Sum Fall Sp Sum Fall
801 - Theoretical Foundations of Leadership F/D* F/D* F/D*
802 - Developing Ldrshp Capacity in Orgs & Communities.
(Strict prerequisite of ALEC 801 or comparable course.)
804 - Problems of Beginning Agriscience Teachers D D D
805 - Advanced Teaching Strategies F F F
807 - Supervisory Leadership D D D
809 - Diffusion of Innovations Through an Extension Context F/D* F/D*
810 - Environmental Leadership D D D
811 - Principles of Adult Education F/D*
818 - Community Engagement (CDEV 818) - 1 credit hour D D D
828 - Leadership in Public Organizations (NRES 828) F F F
830 - Introduction to the Development of Distance Ed Courses (ENTO 830) D D D
845 - Research in Leadership Education D F/D* F/D*
855 - Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Groups & Teams (CDEV 855) D
866 - Leadership and Diversity in Orgs and Communities D F/D? F/D?
877 - Leadership and Motivation D D D
890 - Workshop Seminars F/D F/D F/D F/D F/D F/D F/D F/D F/D
893 - Technical Agricultural Workshops D D D D D D
903 - Teacher Education in Agriscience F F F F F F F F F
908 - Organization of the Agricultural Mechanics Program D D D D D D D D D
913 - Program Development in Occupational Education D D D D D D D D D

F - Face-to-Face
D - Distance via Blackboard or Polycom
F/D - Face-to-Face and distance delivered synchronously or parallel as needed.
F/D? - Face-to-face or Distance delivery based on demand and/or instructor availability. Check semester schedule.
F/D* - Classes offered face-to-face. Contact the instructor to determine if the class could also be offered online synchronously.

Courses with no delivery mode listed are currently unavailable. If they become available this document will be updated.

NOTE:  Course delivery mode and availability subject to change based on demand and instructor availability.

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