A to B Transfer Program

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The A to B transfer program gives you the opportunity to benefit from two educational institutions while still achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education from UNL in order to teach Secondary Agricultural Education or Skilled and Technical Sciences.

With this transfer program, you will experience two different campuses and college life situations while also saving money. Many times this transfer program allows a student to live closer to home for two years.

A student who chooses this path will start out at theVet Students Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) or any Nebraska Community College and complete two years of education before transferring to UNL. Many students earn an associate degree and transfer a maximum of 60 credits to UNL.

At UNL a transfer student will study for an additional two years to complete the Bachelor's degree.

With predefined coursework for each institution and faculty that are willing to work with you to identify courses that transfer towards the Agricultural Education Bachelor of Science degree, you can graduate in four years.

This is a great, flexible option that can aid students in filling the need for Agricultural Education teachers in Nebraska and around the country.

Course Equivalency List

Course equivalents have been identified between UNL and most Nebraska post-secondary institutions. Please go to the Transfer Course Equivalencies page to get a list of current course equivalents between NCTA or a community college and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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