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The agricultural and environmental sciences communication minor provides students an opportunity to focus on building communication skills and knowledge in the context of global challenges and issues related to food, fiber, fuel, and water. Students complete a series of communication courses using problem-based and experiential-learning strategies and combine subject area knowledge gained in courses from their majors with strategies and skills to effectively communicate in a 21st Century global society. Students enrolled in the minor will build knowledge and skills in visual literacy, media literacy, science literacy, as well as competencies and increased understanding of challenging, global, 21st Century issues related to communication, agriculture, and natural resources.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of communication in addressing 21st Century global issues related to food, fiber, fuel, and water.
  • Identify and analyze effective communication strategies for discussing challenging issues influencing food production.
  • Develop and demonstrate excellence in written and oral communication through various course assignments and projects.
  • Create messages and campaigns about controversial scientific issues utilizing critical communication theories and frameworks, as well as multimedia tools and applications for increasing the science literacy of diverse audiences.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a communications project integrated into real-world science engagement contexts connected to CASNR disciplines that demonstrates an understanding of media literacy, science literacy, visual literacy, and digital citizen concepts.