L.J. McElravy


  • ALEC 102 Interpersonal Skills for Leadership
  • ALEC 202 Leadership Development in Small Groups and Teams
  • ALEC 302 Dynamics of Effective Leadership in Organizations
  • ALEC 414 Classic Figures in Leadership
  • ALEC 496 (special topic) Rural Civic Action Project (Rural Futures Grant funded program to engage undergraduate students in facilitating service project with rural high school and middle school students)


  • Leader and leadership assessment in youth and adults and the impact on civic engagement
  • Assessment and evaluation of leadership training and development
  • Developing shared leadership systems prepared to engage in effective creative and innovative problem-solving


  • Member of the Community Vitality Initiative


Dr. L.J. McElravy is an Assistant Professor of Youth Civic Leadership in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication, and he currently serves as the Leadership and Communication minor advisor.  His Ph.D. is in Human Sciences with a specialization in Leadership Studies from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  Dr. McElravy's four years in the U.S. Army helped shape his beliefs about leadership being a truly developmental process that can greatly impact the success of teams, organizations, and communities.