CASNR Scholarship Winners

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources   will award a $500 scholarship to the top placing individuals in the following Career Development Events:

2016 CASNR Scholarship Winners
Agricultural Sales Sage Sherman Hayes Center
Agronomy Jared Stander Ashland-Greenwood
Farm Management Daniel Mills Morrill
Floriculture Mason Hale West Holt
Food Science Joel Parker Sioux County
Natural Resources Eddie Fredrick West Holt
Senior Livestock Evaluation Lane Egger Lakeview
Meats Evaluation Mekenzie Beattie Sumner-Eddyville-Miller
Nursery & Landscape Jacob Neil Freeman
Veterinary Science Kelley Bode Burwell

Note:   To collect the scholarship, the recipient must be a full-time student enrolled in a CASNR degree program.

2016 CASNR Scholarship Winners

Agricultural Sales --Kate Osbon, Rock County
Agronomy --Blake Khirkkoff, Superior
Farm Management - -Sam Gifford, Norris
Floriculture --Kylee Beyea, Gothenburg
Food Science --Kayla Schilke, Chase County
Natural Resources --Colton Mitties, North Bend
Senior Livestock Evaluation --Tigh Rankin, Bertran Loomis
Meats Evaluation --Herschel Foster, Gothenburg
Nursery & Landscape --Jake Judge, West Holt
Veterinary Science --Jayde Atkins, Broken Bow

2015 CASNR Scholarship Winners:

Agricultural Sales --Katie Brown, West Point
Agronomy --Collin Thompson, Eustis-Farnam
Farm Management --Samantha Teten, Johnson County Central
Floriculture --Matt Eller, Schuyler Central
Food Science --Bobby Reifenrath, Hartington-Newcastle
Natural Resources --Brent Miller, Lyons-Decatur
Senior Livestock Evaluation --Emilye Vales, Wilbur-Clatoniar
Meats Evaluation --Danny Bromdnder, Eustis-Farnam
Nursery & Landscape --Paige Mitchell, West Holt
Veterinary Science --Nicole Strand, Wauneta-Plaisade

2014 CASNR Scholarship Winners:

Agricultural Sales --Erica Harms, Sandy Creek
Agronomy --Collin Thompson, Eustis-Farnam
Farm Management --Hayden Meyer, Pawnee City
Floriculture --Matt Eller, Schuyler Central
Food Science --Samantha Teten, Johnson County Central
Natural Resources --Justin Lee, Boone Central
Senior Livestock Evaluation --Ryan Schroeder, Wisner-Pilger
Meats Evaluation --Caetlen Gyhra, Pawnee City
Nursery & Landscape --Paige Mitchell, West Holt
Veterinary Science --Kristy Hansen, West Point