CASNR Scholarship Winners

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources   will award a $1000 scholarship to the top placing individuals in the following Career Development Events:

2021 CASNR Scholarship Winners
Agricultural Sales Lindee Watson Conestoga
Agricultural Communications Jordyn Laible West Holt
Agronomy Kody Keller Eustis-Farnam
Environmental & Natural Resources Makennen Havlat Milford
Farm & Agribusiness Management Jenny Goesch Boyd County
Floriculture Kaylee Ambrose Saint Paul
Food Science & Technology Bridget Slagle Sargent
Meats Evaluation & Technology Skyler Oberg Eustis-Farnam
Nursery / Landscape Kaylee Ambrose Saint Paul
Poultry Evaluation Samantha Johns Chadron
Senior Livestock Evaluation Wade Sanders Alliance
Veterinary Science Gianna Clyne The Career Academy

Note:   To collect the scholarship, the recipient must be a full-time student enrolled in a CASNR degree program.

2020 CASNR Scholarship Winners

Agricultural Sales - Kristen Rohrer, Sandy Creek
Agronomy - Avery Johnson, Hayes Center
Environmental & Natural Resources - Johanna Sughroue, Southwest
Farm & Agribusiness Management - Trevor Deboer, Wayne
Floriculture - Kaylee Ambrose, Saint Paul
Food Science & Technology - Bridget Slagle, Sargent
Senior Livestock Evaluation - Ashlyn Robinson, Wallace
Meats Evaluation & Technology - Mattison Beattie, Sumner-Eddyville-Miller
Nursery / Landscape - Lani Bohmont, Norris
Poultry Evaluation - Samantha Rodewald, McCook
Veterinary Science
- Samantha Johns, Chadron

2019 CASNR Scholarship Winners

Agricultural Sales -Tori Stoldorf, Fillmore 
Agronomy - Olivia Leising, Arapahoe / Holbrook
Environmental & Natural Resources - Marissa Baker, St. Paul
Farm & Agribusiness Management - Samuel Wilkins, Ainsworth
Floriculture - Leighton Mlady, West Holt
Food Science & Technology - Colin Hoatson, Sutherland
Senior Livestock Evaluation - Heath Keiser, Gothenburg
Meats Evaluation & Technology - Kacey Dethlefs, Ravenna
Nursery / Landscape - Martin Wentworth, West Holt
Poultry Evaluation - Treaven Scheideler, Ord
Veterinary Science
 - Kendra Grodina, Ogallala