Students in conjunction with their advisors and supervisory committees will develop a Program of Study that is suited to their professional goals and scholarly interests. This program will contain a set of coursework and experiences that are common to all students in the program, as well as coursework and experiences that are unique to students' professional goals and scholarly interests and needs.

Courses listed here represent the minimum requirements in each area. It is expected that programs will exceed the minimum requirements in areas needed to support students' academic needs.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
ALEC 801 Theoretical Foundations of Leadership 3
ALEC 845 Research in Leadership Education 3
ALEC 866 Leadership & Diversity 3
ALEC 877 Leadership & Motivation 3
ALEC 888 Leadership, Power, & Influence 3
ALEC 891 Professional Exploration in Leadership Education and Leadership Studies 1
ALEC 995 Doctoral Seminars (2 Research Projects at 3 hrs each with advisor) 6
ALEC 999 Doctoral Dissertation (based on scope of project in consultation with advisor) 12-15

Other Recommended Leadership Studies Courses
Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
ALEC 802 Developing Leadership Capacities in Orgs & Communities (prereq ALEC 801) 3
ALEC 805 Advanced Teaching Strategies (required for Graduate Teaching Assistants) 3
See the Graduate Course Catalog for other ALEC Leadership courses.

A background in basic research methods and statistics is assumed. Students who are deficient in one of more of these areas will be required to remove these deficiencies through appropriate coursework. Courses taken to remove deficiencies cannot be counted toward the minimum requirements below.

Required Research Courses (12 hours minimum)
Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
At least 1 of the following (Required)
EDPS 860 Applications of Selected Statistics 3
EDPS 941 Intermediate Statistics: Experimental Methods (generally offered in spring - prereq EDPS 859) 3
PSYC 941 Fundamentals of Research Design & Data Analysis 1 (generally offered in fall) 3
AND 1 of the following (Required)
EDPS 942 Intermediate Statistics: Correlational Methods (generally offered in fall - prereq EDPS 859) 3
PSYC 942 Psychometric Methods 11 (prereq PSYC 941 - generally offered in spring) 3
AND at least one course in qualitative methodology (Required) Recommended qualitative courses include
EDPS 900K Qualitative Approaches to Educational Research 3
EDPS 935 Seminar in Qualitative Research 3

AND at least one advanced research/statistics course to be selected in consultation with your advisor to meet the specific research and career-related needs of the student.

See and/or for suggested courses.

Advanced Research/Statistics Course
Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours

TBD (Research Elective) 3

For More Information Contact:

Dr. L.J. McElravy
ALEC Associate Professor
Graduate Chair & Leadership Coordinator
UNL Graduate Studies Associate Dean for Professional Development
(402) 472-8058 or (402) 472-2855