Laura Young


  • ALEC 136: Fundamentals of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication
  • ALEC 200: Writing for Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • ALEC 417: Issues Management and Crisis Communication in Agriculture
  • ALEC 480: Senior Capstone in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication
  • ALEC 495B: Internship in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska Student Publication (ALEC 480: Senior Capstone in AESC)

Dr. Young is the Director and Editor of the Strategic Discussions for Nebraska student publication produced in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication program. As part of their senior capstone experience, students tell the story of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources by highlighting innovative work of faculty and staff. The course provides a learning experience similar to those students may encounter in the workplace, emphasizing accurate, clear and objective communication of science-based information. Throughout one semester, AESC senior students interview scientists from various disciplines and write stories, take photos, create promotional videos, and design social media content highlighting the work. To read stories, please visit


  • Risk and Crisis Communication
  • Strategic Messaging and Campaign Design
  • Public Relations Reputation and Management


Dr. Laura Young is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Music from Nebraska Wesleyan University, a master’s degree in Organizational and Multicultural Communication from DePaul University, and a Ph.D. in Communication, with an emphasis in Risk and Crisis Communication, from the University of Kentucky.

Her classes are a healthy mix of lecture, meaningful discussion, and hands-on application, applying the use of social media and technology from a strategic standpoint – specifically, students learn how to create the right message, at the right time, for the right audience, through the right channel. Dr. Young’s research also supports her teaching with a focus on internal and external communication processes in high-risk, high-consequence environments, such as fire departments. Specifically, she explores how inevitable organizational change, such as budget cuts or change in leadership, influences internal satisfaction and external image/reputation and develops suggestions for organizations to manage these issues.