student photographing plant in field
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Digital Photography and Visual Communication for Agriculture and the Environment

ALEC 240

Students develop an understanding of and apply digital photography concepts such as composition, lighting, landscape, portrait, and editing in the development of a final photo essay project for a real-world audience.

  • Spring 2019
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Mobile Video Production of Agricultural and Environmental Issues

ALEC 241

Students use mobile devices to research agricultural and environmental science topics, conduct and record video interviews with scientists about controversial scientific topics, record footage in science labs and field sites, and produce final videos for real-world audiences.

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Podcasting to Increase Science Literacy

ALEC 341

Students learn how to engage in public conversations about controversial issues, how to interview scientists, how to edit scientific audio interviews, and how to ultimately produce a podcast series with the goal of increasing the public's science literacy.


Senior Capstone: Strategic Discussions for Nebraska Publication

ALEC 480

This senior capstone course provides a learning experience similar to those students may encounter in the workplace, emphasizing accurate, clear and objective communication of science-based information.