Role of the Counselor

In NHRI, our Investment Relationships between Counselors and Junior Counselors are based on the Investment Relationship Model.

Step One: The Investor (Counselor) invests significant time and energy in the Investee (Junior Counselor), helping the Investee understand and use his/her leadership strengths. The Counselor's investment of significant time and energy in the JC typically comes during the weekly One-on-One meetings, which help the Counselor and JC develop their relationship, and give the Counselor opportunities to identify strengths in the JC. For One-on-One ideas, check out the Investment Chalice.

Step Two: The JC realizes his/her strengths, and uses them to help another person identify and develop his/her strengths. Thus, the Investee becomes the Investor, signifying Reinvestment: the ultimate goal of the investment relationship.

Investment Relationship