Priceless Preteen Leadership Program

Junior High kids at Priceless Preteen summer camp
Priceless Preteen Leadership Workshop June 19th-23rd, 2017 at Hardin Hall on University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus.

The Priceless Preteen Leadership Program was established in 2003 as a way to expand NHRI's mission. Priceless Preteen is a summer program for outstanding young leaders who will be entering sixth grade. Elementary schools in Lincoln recommend preteens who have the exceptional capacity to make a positive difference in other students. Those preteens are then invited to come to the University for a one-week leadership development camp. Each year we have approximately 80-90 participants attend either our morning or afternoon session. Outstanding participants at Priceless Preteen are invited back the following year to serve as Junior Teaching Assistants.

Topics covered at Priceless Preteen include:

  • Difference Makers
  • Finding Talents
  • Understanding Others
  • Investing in Others
  • Celebrating Our Uniqueness

2017 Dates for Priceless Preteen: June 19th-23rd, 2017 at Hardin Hall on East Campus 

  • Morning Session: 9am-Noon
  • Afternoon Session: 1-4pm