Jamie Loizzo


  • ALEC 136 Fundamentals of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication
  • ALEC 240 Digital Photography and Visual Communication Strategies for Agriculture and the Environment
  • ALEC 241 Mobile Video Production of Agricultural and Environmental Issues
  • ALEC 305 Presentation Strategies for Agricultural Audiences
  • ALEC 341 Podcasting to Increase Science Literacy
  • ALEC 350 Agriculture, the Environment and Science in the Media


  • Mobile and multimedia communication and journalism
  • Informal science communication and education
  • Learning design and technology
  • Internet and arts-based research methods


Dr. Jamie Loizzo is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Science Communication.  Her Ph.D. and M.S.Ed are in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University.  Jamie also has a B.A. in Radio-Television (News) from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  She has worked in television newsrooms in Illinois, Kentucky, and Florida. Jamie has experience developing educational videos for a variety of agricultural audiences and has served as project manager for a nationwide interactive electronic field trip program introducing middle school students to real-world science concepts and science careers.  She is interested in developing courses and Nebraska Extension programming for informal science communication and education programs about controversial agricultural and environmental issues.