2020 Nebraska CASE Institute

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Course: Natural Resources and Ecology - Fast Track!**

Hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Evening of June 14 - June 19, 2020 at Waverly High School (Just East of Lincoln)

About CASE

The CASE Institute is a professional development workshop to provide teachers training for the instruction related to a specific CASE course. Once a teacher has successfully completed the intense professional development at a CASE Institute,the teacher is certified to teach the specific CASE course. CASE Institute sessions provide teachers important background related to the pedagogy used in CASE curricula and practice teaching various lessons to prepare them for classroom instruction. Teachers are required to attend the entire 5-day workshop and CASE Institute instructors determine if each teacher is adequately prepared to provide instruction using CASE curricula.

**Fast Track institutes are for teachers with at least one prior CASE Certification OR that participate in a four-hour pre-training for new CASE teachers that will be provided beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 14th. All teachers (with and without previous CASE experience) will be asked to participate in some additional pre-work prior to coming to Lincoln as well that may be completed on your own time. There is no additional cost for the pre-training or pre-work. The advantage of a Fast Track institute compared to a typical institute is that the entire training can take place within a single week.

About the Natural Resources & Ecology Course

The Natural Resources and Ecology (NRE) course is a foundation course within the CASE sequence of courses. The course provides students a variety of experiences that in the fields of natural resources and ecology. Students will explore hands-on projects and activities while studying topics such as land use, water quality, stewardship, and environmental agencies. Study of the natural world including biomes, land, air, water, energy, use and care as well as a focus on issues surrounding man's interaction with the Earth will be addressed in this course.

Students will select an ecosystem to study throughout the course and apply principles of natural resources and ecology from each unit of study to that ecosystem.

The lessons in Natural Resources and Ecology include the following:  Conservation, Preservation, Exploitation; Mother Earth; Water Works; Lighter than Air; Earth's Energy; Flora and Fauna; Farming, Forestry, and Ferrous; We the People; and Past, Present, Future.

For more information on the course, explore the links below.


The 2020 Nebraska CASE Institute will take place Sunday, June 14 - Friday, June 19, beginning at 6:00 p.m., ending by Friday, June 19 at 5:00 p.m.

Note: Teachers and Pre-service teachers without a previous CASE certification will need to participate in a pre-training beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 14.


Waverly High School (Northeast of Lincoln)
13401 Amberly Rd
Waverly, NE 68462


For those without a previous CASE certification:
Pre-Training: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Sunday, June 14

For all: 
Orientation: 6:00 p.m., Sunday, June 14 
Daily Schedule: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., weekdays (lunch break at noon)
Closing: 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 19


Lodging is included with your registration.

  • Participant rooms are double-occupancy.
  • Breakfast and other amenities are included.
  • Request a single room for an additional $300 by May 1 by emailing matt.kreifels@unl.edu.
  • Check-in is at 3:00 p.m., though they may be able to get you in earlier, provided the room is ready.

We will again stay at the Staybridge Suites on 84th & Holdrege in Lincoln!


Weekday meals are included with your registration.

  • Breakfast will be available at the hotel.
  • Lunches will be provided on-site.
  • Dinners will be provided at the hotel or may be on their own. Participants will receive a check from UNL upon arrival that can be used as an evening meal stipend for evening meals that are not organized as part of the institute. It is important to compete the requested paperwork that will come with your invoice..

Travel Considerations

Please schedule travel arrangements to ensure your attendance at scheduled events. If you are flying, the Lincoln Airport is closest, but Omaha's Eppley Airport may have more options and better rates. When booking flights, allow time for travel and check-in. Out-of-state participants car pooled with Nebraska teachers between the hotel and the Institute location in past years.

Graduate Credit

Participants in the Institute may earn graduate credits through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Further details and tuitition fees will be provided upon request. Questions regarding graduate credit should be directed to:

Nathan Conner, Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
143 Filley Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583

Cost to attend the Nebraska NRE CASE Institute for Nebraska teachers is just $250 thanks to a generous grant from the Nebraska Partnerships for Innovation statewide CTE consortium.

Cost to attend the Nebraska NRE CASE Institute for teachers outside of Nebraska is $2,500.

Cost to attend the Nebraska NRE CASE Institute for UNL pre-service teachers is FREE thanks to generous support from the UNL ALEC Department. Up to five pre-service teachers may participate.

Note: Lodging is not included for pre-service teachers. Please see Mr. Kreifels if there is a need for lodging.

Registration includes all training materials, access to laboratory equipment, lodging (double occupancy hotel room) and classroom facilities. Breakfast and some evening meals are provided each day at your hotel in the dining room. Lunch and breaks will be provided throughout the training.

Registration AND form of Payment is due by May 15, 2020. Cost for registration and payment received after May 15 is $3,000. (Please call by this date if payment is on the way.) No reimbursements will be given for non-attendance. Click below to register for the Nebraska CASE Institute and download the CASE School District Agreement.

Click Here to Register Now!

Note: Registration goes live December 1. First come, first served!
Registration is open to Nebraska teachers only through December,
but opens nationally in January.

Invoices will be emailed to teachers by March 15. Payment for the Nebraska CASE Institute should be made by check or through a school issued Purchase Order by May 15, 2020. Invoices will be charged against the issued purchase orders by June 1, 2020, and payment is expected by June 15, 2020.

Payments and purchase orders should be made out to "University of Nebraska-Lincoln" and sent to:

Christina Franklin
Administrative Assitant
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
143 Filley Hall
P.O. Box 830947
Lincoln, NE 68583-0947

Wondering what it costs to implement CASE beyond the training?

Click here to see the list for laboratory materials and equipment on the CASE page.

CASE Scholarship Opportunities for Nebraska Teachers

Nebraska teachers can apply for this scholarship to help fund their attendance to any CASE Institute.

Nebraska FFA Foundation CASE Scholarships

Due January 10, 2020


Twenty 50% scholarships, from the Nebraska Soybean Board that teachers may use to attend ANY CASE Institute or reimbursement for an estimated $1,250 for CASE curriculum equipment.


See the scholarship application to see if you qualify!


  • January 10, 2020 – Deadline for application of scholarships to the to Larry Gossen at larry.gossen@nebraska.gov.
  • Two weeks following the conclusion of the CASE Institute: supplemental curriculum materials submitted and copy of press release to local media.

2020 Nebraska CASE Scholarship

With questions about the Nebraska CASE Institute, please contact:

Matt Kreifels
Associate Professor of Practice
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
143 Filley Hall
P.O. Box 830947

(402) 617-1419