Hannah Sunderman

Hannah Sunderman

NHRI Leadership Mentoring Program Director


  • ALEC 102:  Interpersonal Skills for Leadership
  • ALEC 202:  Foundations of Leadership Theory and Practice
  • ALEC 414:  Classic Figures in Leadership


Dr. Hannah Sunderman's program of research examines developmental interventions and leadership measurement.

The results of her studies have argued for the necessity of using rigorous statistical techniques to ensure reliability in leadership development research and encouraged practitioners to engage students in being mentors, provide training for mentors, and discuss generativity.


Dr. Sunderman is the Program Director of NHRI Leadership Mentoring and an Assistant Professor of Practice in Leadership. She is a three-time graduate of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (B.A. in Psychology, 2016; M.S. in Leadership Education, 2018; Ph.D. in Human Sciences with an Emphasis in Leadership Studies, 2020).