Natural Resources

2017 Theme: Backyard and Beyond: Fish, Wildlife, and Invasive Species of Nebraska. 


The event consists of two parts. The first is an multiple choice individual exam requiring knowledge of habitat management, food webs and ecosystem properties. The second part is a group practicum on species identification skills, focusing on invasive species and native fish and wildlife. Only species occurring in Nebraska will be included, as photographs, specimens, tracks or scat.


Dr. Drew Tyre
Wildlife Population Ecologist
416 HARH
Lincoln, NE 68583-0974

Event Information

State Rules and Format:

There are no specific time limits.

Link to National Rules:

Required Supplies

Bring a pencil


Exam (Individual):     100 points
Team (Practicum):     100 points

Individual Score:       Exam score
Overall Team Score:  Individual scores + Practicum score (team activity)


Team Total Score - In the event of a tie, tie-breakers will be determined by:
1. Team Activity Score
2. Highest Individual Score
3. 2nd Highest Individual Score, etc.


References/Study Information

Invasives:    Curriculum and Lesson Plans


Environmental Science for Agriculture and the Life Sciences. 1994. Camp, William G. and Roy L. Donahue. Delmar Publishers Inc.

Managing our Natural Resources. Third Edition. 1997. Camp, William G. and Thomas B. Daugherty. Delmar Publishers Inc.

Identification List

On-line Resources:

All plants and animals

Native Mammals

Bird Identification

Plant Identification