Farm Business Management


The Nebraska State FFA Farm Business Management CDE Event Exam will test the level of knowledge and proficiency by each contestant in understanding as well as applying the various economic principles and business management analysis concepts involved in the operation and management of a farm or ranch operation. The event exam will test a contestant's proficiency in the following areas of farm business management:

  • Diminishing returns at the input and output basis
  • Production cost curve analysis
  • Farm financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Budget)
  • Loan repayment scheduling
  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Farm enterprise budgeting
  • Crop and livestock enterprise and breakeven analysis
  • Farm depreciation schedules
  • Risk management marketing strategies
  • Farm business organization structures for partnerships and corporations
  • Farm and ranch leasing arrangements
  • Farm and ranch record analysis
  • Farm production efficiency and breakeven analysis


Tim Meyer
102 Filley Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0922

Event Information

State Rules and Format:

  1. The event exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions.
  2. The maximum individual contestant score possible is a total of 100 points.
  3. Contestants have a two hour time limit to complete the event exam.
  4. No notes or reference materials can be used during the event exam.

National Rules:

It is the responsibility of the winning team contestants for the Nebraska State FFA Farm Business Management CDE Event to check the rules/requirements for the national FFA Farm Business Management CDE Event.

Required Supplies

  1. Personal calculator
  2. Two #2 lead pencils


Individual Exam...100 points

Individual Score:  exam
Team Score:  sum of top three individual scores


A supplemental question has been added to the event exam.


References/Study Information

A practice set of event exam questions (with answers included) has been provided for the 2016 Nebraska State FFA Farm Business Management CDE event.

2016 Farm Business Management Event Practice Exam

Suggested Reference Material:  Farm Management by Ronald D. Kay, William M. Edwards, and Patricia A. Duffy. (Sixth Edition) Published by McGraw-Hill Science Engineering (ISBN-100073028290)