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This degree program prepares students for careers in communications, advocacy and public service roles in the agricultural, natural resources and environmental disciplines. Degree requirements provide students a broad education combining skills and knowledge in agricultural, environmental and natural resources sciences, the social sciences and mass communications. Graduates of this program are also qualified to pursue careers in public relations, and public service in government agencies, nonprofit and private organizations.

To complete the program, students take core courses in the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication (ALEC) Department, and then select courses in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) to provide a science-based foundation for their content knowledge. Students then select one of three areas of emphasis for further course work.

The program’s general education requirements provide students a well-rounded introduction to science, communications, humanities and the social sciences. The agricultural and environmental sciences communication core provides an introduction to the areas of competence required of a professional communicator.


  • Strategic Communications
  • Communicating Public Issues
  • CANSR Minor or Certificate Program