2017 Theme/Topic - Group Activity - Wedding Party!

Brides and Maid of Honor Bouquets, two corsages and two boutonniere's.


As noted in the State Floriculture CDE rules, the group activity will be an annually rolling group activity similar to the National CDE competition. The rolling activity has been designed to encourage a broader exploration of the careers within floriculture during the student's High School Education and encourage diversity in the team makeup.

The Nebraska Floriculture CDE is designed to promote the interest and study of the production and marketing of flowers, plants and foliage in the agriculture education programs. This event is designed to evaluate the participant's knowledge and abilities in select aspects important to the floriculture industry. Activities are what individuals might experience at the National Floriculture CDE, however, in an abridged version. Our hope is you find the Nebraska Floriculture CDE a significant learning opportunity for the students involved.


Stacy Adams
166 Keim Hall
 Lincoln, NE 68583-0915

Event Information

Recent Changes to the Event:  2017

  • For the plant ID challenge, all answer sheets will be “Common name/Scientific name"
  • Students Will  work as a team during the competition.  Each team should be comprised of students proficient in hand tied bouquets, corsage and boutonniere construction and the completion of a price sheet.

State Rules and Format:

A. Event Rules

  1. The Nebraska Floriculture CDE Superintendent has selected specific content, similar to the National Floriculture CDE, to best evaluate the participant's proficiency in several aspects of floriculture production and plant use.
  2. Observers will not be permitted in the event area while the event is in progress.
  3. Any communication between participants from the same team during the event will be sufficient cause to eliminate the team from the event with the exception of the team activity. No cellular phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the event, please leave these outside of the event room.
  4. No team, participant or coach shall be admitted to the event room prior to the scheduled event time. Any team, participant or coach proven to have done so will cause the elimination of that team from the event.
  5. Any participant caught cheating during the event will be, along with their team members, expelled from the event.
  6. All participants shall be prompt to the event and remain within the time guidelines instructed to them during the event. No provisions will be made for a late team or team member once the event has commenced.

B. Event Format

Phase 1- Plant and Equipment Identification (200 points)

The plant ID and equipment list is the same list as that used at the National FFA CDE. For your convenience, the complete plant and equipment list is found in the Study Information below.

Forty (40) Power Point slides of  plant specimens or floral design tools from the National CDE Floriculture Plant Identification List and Floral Equipment. Each student will receive an answer sheet that lists "Common name/Scientific name" of each of the plant specimens or tools. The participant will then indicate the number of the appropriate image next to each of the names on the answer sheet. Five (5) points will be given for each correctly identified.

Phase 2- General Knowledge Examination (200 points)

Forty (40) objective-type multiple choice questions will be written to test the participants knowledge and understanding of basic biological and scientific principles involved in the production and marketing of flowers, plants and foliage. Each correct answer is worth 5 points. 

Phase 3- Rotational Team Activity (200 points)

This year's team activity is flowers for the Wedding party!  The team will construct Bride and Maid of Honor Bouquets, two corsages and two boutonniere’s. Flowers and greens will be provided.  The team may choose their own construction however are responsible for their own supplies needed to complete the project beyond the fresh materials.

Please NOTE: Students need ONLY to demonstrate proper packaging techniques on the corsages and boutonnieres.

A pricing sheet for the entire flower order must be completed, including fresh materials, hard goods, labor, shop overhead and markup.  An example sheet will be distributed to qualified teams during team registration. 

National Rules

Nebraska Floriculture CDE will be similar to the National CDE rules, however, modified in less detail or may have adjusted times to fit within our state competition time restrictions. Our goal is to generate a sampling of the type of competition an individual or team may expect at a National Floriculture CDE.

Required Supplies

1. Each contestant should bring a minimum of two pencils

2. Each team should bring their own design tools. Suggested items include:

a. Scissors
b. Floral knife
c. Floral tape
d. Small needle nose plier
e. 22-24 design wire
f. Ribbon- for corsages, preferably white, off-white or other neutral

3. No cell phones or electronic devices shall be allowed in the event.



Plant and equipment identification....200 points

General knowledge exam....................200 points

Team activity …………………………….....200 points (as a team)

Individual Score:  identification + exam + team activity

Team Score:  sum of individual scores

Reference/Study Information

2014 Floriculture CDE.pdf

2013 Written Exam CDE Answers

Floricultural Insect Description

Photos of Plant Nutritional and Cultural Problems



Plant Disease Identification Photos


Photo Library of the Identification of Interior Plants


Resources for Floral Design and Merchandising:

Griner, Charles 2002. Floriculture Designing and Merchandising. Second Edition. Delmar. 516 pages.

Hunter, Norah T. 2000. The Art of Floral Design. Second Edition. Delmar. 450 pages

Suggested resources for horticulture production information:

Schray, Caroll, L. & Reiley, H.E. 2004. Introductory Horticulture. Delmar. 560 pages.

APPENDIX A: National CDE Plant and Equipment List

Floriculture Equipment Identification List